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4 Tips for Leading a Startup to Success

Instagram let a marketing company scrape users location data because of course it did

Targeted ads offer little extra value for online publishers study suggests

Mark Zuckerberg ordered staff to use Android phones after Apple CEO criticized company report claims

Zuckerberg again snubs UK parliament over call to testify

Instagram now has more than a half a billion users

FEC asks CEOs of Facebook Alphabet and Twitter to testify on new political ad rules

Facebooks Privacy Disaster

People are switching from Facebook to WhatsApp for news

LG developed its own AI chip to make its smart home products even smarter

Facebook squashes myth that News Feed is limited to posts from 26 people

In ongoing battle against fake news Facebook decides to get local

Elon Musk trashes WhatsApp as coming with a free phone hack

Patreon ups its revenue cut but grandfathers in old creators

WhatsApp is testing twostep authentication background audio playback features

The next service marketplace wave: Vertical marketnetworks

Facebook poaches leaders of Refdash interview prep to work on Jobs

With great tech success comes even greater responsibility

Its 2018 and BlackBerry just sued Facebook

FTC sues nowbankrupt Cambridge Analytica over deceptive practices

Working Geek: After startup stint Ari Steinberg leads Airbnbs operations in Seattle

When do you go native

Congress fumbles through antitrust hearing with big tech CEOs

If you think Facebook has no competition just ask Telegram

Instamojo raises 7M to help SMEs and microentrepreneurs in India sell online

Facebook to launch new Portal devices this fall

Apologies in the tech world a timeline

UK parliament calls for antitrust data abuse probe of Facebook

Facebook defends itself from damning New York Times story denies it scuttled Russian meddling evidence

Facebook launches its first US podcast with a series focused on entrepreneurship

Facebook sees a spike in monthly active users in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak

BRCK acquires ISPs EveryLayer and Surf to boost Africas public WiFi

Facebook now lets you create 3D photos without a portrait mode camera

Its not your imagination: This Facebook outage is massive

How the scary potential of AI brought tech competitors together

Facebook relaxes its ban on some cryptocurrency advertisements

Mark Zuckerberg shares the first projects he ever coded

5 Ways That a Kickstarter Campaign Can Launch You Into Retail

Ousted Oculus cofounder fixes Oculus Go VR headset with custom modifications

So Many College Students Get News on Snapchat

Facebook boycott leaders say meeting with Zuckerberg Sandberg was a disappointment

Daily Crunch: Facebook expands privacy options

Its complicated Facebook adding dating profiles as it aims to regain user trust

Facebook documents seized by the UK government could end up being published

Oh no Mark Zuckerberg left his notebook unattended during his senate hearing

Facebook To Invest In Indian Startups In 2018

Donald Trump criticizes big tech companies again in new interview

Zuck says Facebook will never curb offensive content but vows to protect its moderators

Facebook shuts down actual news under the cover of political ads policy

Facebook Pages can now join Facebook Groups