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After six quarters of falling venture interest crypto investors see recent price gains as positive signal

Pragma is a backend toolkit for gaming companies so game developers can focus on games

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Hyro secures 20M for its AIpowered healthcarefocused conversational platform

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Spotify acquires content moderation tech company Kinzen to address platform safety issues

California passes law that bans default passwords in connected devices

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AWS ramps up in AI with new consultancy services and Rekognition features

Port of Seattle bans facial recognition tech by law enforcement some private use remains permitted

Enterprise and Hyundai invest in 9M round for Netflix of transportation app Migo

Daily Crunch: Secondday trading surge launches Robinhood stock into meme territory

Khoslabacked HealthifyMe introduces AIpowered image recognition for Indian food

TechCrunch roundup: Valuation reset spiking crypto losses US insurtech meltdown

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Instrumental raises 20M to scale its AIpowered manufacturing tech

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Credo AI launches out of stealth with 55 million to help companies with ethical AI

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Taiwanese media startup The News Lens lands deal with top video studio Dawin

Taipeibased computer vision startup eYs3D gets 7M Series A