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Cryptocurrencies will exceed nationbased currencies in 10 years says early Coinbase investor

Today in brighter crypto news: SEC says tokens are securities

Musk says Tesla to accept dogecoin for merchandise

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Blockchain cant compress files from 2GB to 20KB thats impossible

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Lido Coinbase Kraken and Binance stake majority of ETH Does that matter

Safeheron secures 7M to make private keys safer for crypto wallets

Account Labs raises 77M as FTXs demise leads to crypto selfcustody growth

South Africas NFTfi raises 5M so people can use their NFTs as collateral for loans

As crypto selloff accelerates how much worse can things get

QC Ware Forge will give developers access to quantum hardware and simulators across vendors

Disdain for NFTs in video games is part of a slow green revolution

15 hedge fund managers earned 12B last year thanks to bullish tech stocks

Oxfam used Ethereum for insurance claims but Sri Lankan farmers prefer cash

TechCrunch roundup: Crypto tax prep nocode survey 4 VCs discuss how to pitch them

Financial technology startups emerged as serious challengers to financial services in 2017

Implement differential privacy to power up data sharing and cooperation

Coinbase announces USDC Bootstrap Fund to support DeFi projects

Steam quietly bans games that feature cryptoNFT exchanges

Pure Bit a South Korean exchange pulls a 28 million exit scam

SVB SBF and more OpenAI: The 2023 chronicles pt 2

Circle is launching a USDbacked cryptocurrency with Bitmain funding

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The future of the crypto web and this newsletter

Chris Lehane of Haun Ventures to dive into firms investing strategy and the web3 VC landscape at TechCrunch Disrupt

Luno launches investment arm to back over 200 fintech and cryptoweb3 startups yearly

Directors of bogus Ugandan cryptocurrency startup charged after 4000 investor complaints

UK telecom regulator gets nearly 1M to put phone numbers on the blockchain

How should web3 companies approach fundraising during a downturn

Rails launches with 62M round for its decentralized FTX alternative

Ok this one is for the cryptocurious

Venture capital appears to slow its web3 funding rush

The Biden administration can change the world with new crypto regulations

Apple says it will begin scanning iCloud Photos for child abuse images

BetterData taps the blockchain to help create better synthetic data

Coinbases monster Q1 in context

Worldcoin ignored initial order to stop iris scans in Kenya records show

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West Virginia to use blockchain to let military personnel vote remotely

Justin Drake from the Ethereum Foundation is coming to Disrupt Berlin

TechCrunch Minute: Where CZs sentencing leaves the state of crypto

TRON redefines shitcoin by putting smart toilets on the blockchain

Crusoe Energy is tackling energy use for cryptocurrencies and data centers and greenhouse gas emissions

ICOs like to move fast and break lots of things