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German mobility startup Wunder Mobility raises 30M Series B

Facial recognition startup Kairos acquires Emotion Reader

Mythic nets 40M to create a new breed of efficient AIfocused hardware

Germanys Smava raises 65M to expand its consumer loan portal

Klaxoon gets 50M to try to make boring meetings more interactive and productive

Vivun snags 3M seed round to bring order to presales

Snark AI looks to help companies get ondemand access to idle GPUs

Rebuilding employee philanthropy from the bottom up

Talkspace picks up 50 million Series D

Four years after release of Kubernetes 10 it has come a long way

WeWork expands its Flatiron School education business to London with 1M in scholarships

Freshworks raises 150M Series H on 35B valuation

Cloud security startup Zscaler closes at 33 up 106 on its first day of trading on Nasdaq

GitGuardian raises 12M to help developers write more secure code and fix GitHub leaks

The startups creating the future of RegTech and financial services

Arrcus snags 30M Series B as it tries to disrupt networking biz

Dataworld introduces enterprise data collaboration platform

Serverless computing could unleash a new startup ecosystem

Standard Cognition gets 5M to build a machine visionpowered checkout

Ally raises 8M Series A for its OKR solution

Amazon is quietly doubling down on cryptographic security

Cockroach Labs launches CockroachDB as managed service

Elements Stripes new checkout toolkit aims to boost ecommerce sales completions

Blameless emerges from stealth with 20M investment to help companies transition to SRE

AlphaSense a search engine for analysis and business intel raises 50M led by Innovation Endeavors

UJET a startup that wants to speed up customer support raises 25M led by GV

Inflect raises 3M seed round to make buying internet infrastructure easier

Chronosphere launches with 11M Series A to build scalable cloudnative monitoring tool

Simon Data hauls in 30M Series C to continue building customer data platform

Can predictive analytics be made safe for humans

Newly renamed Superside raises 35M for its outsourced design platform

Preclusio uses machine learning to comply with GDPR other privacy regulations

Talk key takeaways from Google Cloud Next with TechCrunch writers

InVision design tool Studio gets an app store asset store

Why is Dropbox reinventing itself

Upandcoming enterprise startups in NYC

Fivetran announces 15M Series A to build automated data pipelines

RunSafe could eliminate an entire class of infrastructure malware attacks

Diving into Google Cloud Next and the future of the cloud ecosystem

BlueCargo optimizes stacks of containers for maximum efficiency

Spendesk raises 384 million for its corporate card and expense service

Optic wants to help developers drop boilerplate code into their development flow

Ansarada gets 18M in Series A funding to help companies better prepare for major deals

Enterprise Content Management Market: Demand for High Information Security Stemming from Diverse Industries Stokes Growth

Anvyl looking to help D2C brands manage their supply chain raises 93M

Why you need a supercomputer to build a house

Coveo raises US172M at 1B valuation for AIbased enterprise search and personalization

Clumio raises 51M to bring enterprise backup into the 21st century

JPMorgans blockchain head is leaving to start her own business

A new era for enterprise IT