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SQream calls in 45M to expand its GPUbased big data analytics platform

After 30 years Crossing the Chasm is due for a refresh

Realtime database platform SingleStore raises 80M more now at a 940M valuation

NebulaGraph reaps from Chinas growing appetite for graph databases

Glean raises 7M to democratize data insights

Idera acquires Travis CI

Supabase raises 6M for its opensource Firebase alternative

Panoply raises 10M for its cloud data platform

Amazon cloud boss targets Microsofts core business eyes 37 trillion enterprise IT market

Microsoft unveils a new edge computing database and managed blockchain service ahead of Build

Track MySQL Metrics For Free With Telemetricio

AI platform Continual raises 145M Series A and comes out of beta

ScyllaDB takes on Amazon with new DynamoDB migration tool

Airplane soars with 85M to make creating internal tools less burdensome

MemSQL raises 30M Series D round for its realtime database

Couchbase launches a fully managed database service

Scaling CockroachDB in the red ocean of relational databases

PopSQL raises a 34M seed round for its collaborative SQL editor

Yugabyte stores up 188M more for its opensource distributed SQL database model now valued at 13B

New Amazon capabilities put machine learning in reach of more developers

Cloudera pulls sensitive files from its open by design cloud servers

8 open source companies from YC Demo Day Winter 22

How to evolve your DTC startups data strategy and identify critical metrics

Omni looks to take on Looker with its cloudpowered BI platform

Hasura raises 25 million Series B and adds MySQL support to its GraphQL service

European Investment Fund puts 30M in Fabric Ventures new 120M digital assets fund

Microsoft rolls out new performancescaling features for Azure databases including serverless Azure SQL

Meroxa raises 15M Series A for its realtime data platform

Google Cloud launches BigLake a new crossplatform data storage engine

MariaDB acquires Clusterix

Rubrik acquires Datos IO to expand into NoSQL database management support

True shift left and extend right security requires empowered developers

Ravel emerges from stealth with privacyfirst data tools based on scalable homomorphic encryption

Dropbase can help turn your messy spreadsheet into queryable SQL database

Wall Street likes databases as MongoDB soars over 30 percent in its IPO

TiDB developer PingCAP wants to expand in North America after raising 50M Series C

Canvas gives nontechnical teams data exploration knowledge without needing a degree in SQL

Microsoft acquires Citus Data creators of a cloudfriendly version of the PostgreSQL database

PopSQL raises 34M seed round for its collaborative SQL editor

Fishtown Analytics raises 129M Series A for its opensource analytics engineering tool

Prisma raises 40M for its open source Rosetta stone for database languages

Googles Looker partners with Tableau

Timescale is leading the next wave of NYC database tech

NoSQL Databases Software Market Size 2024 By Application Type Manufacturers Across North America Europe APAC South America MEA

European Investment Fund puts 30M in Fabric Ventures new 130M digital assets fund

Data virtualization service Varada raises 12M

MariaDB acquires Clustrix

Apollo raises 22M for its GraphQL platform

DataStax proves its still possible to raise ninefigures at higher valuation in 2022

What does Red Hats sale to IBM tell us about Couchbases valuation