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Market research platform Milieu Insight raises 24 million to launch in more Southeast Asian countries

Virridy raises 55M to expand its sensor catalog

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Strac plugs into Slack OneDrive and more to automatically redact sensitive info

Japans B2B ordering and supply platform CADDi raises 73 million Series B funding

Fountain raises 100M to expand its applicant tracking system

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Cayena delivers inventory marketplace for food preparation businesses

Matera raises another 43 million to turn residential building management into SaaS

Travel technology platform Spotnana launches with 41M

Front introduces customercentric features with deeper CRM integration

Mosyle rides its device management software to the bank raising 196M

Social care SaaS maker Birdie tops up with 30M

Coral Capital closes third fund with 128M for startups in Japan

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Vendr raises 4M from David Sackss Craft Ventures to reduce SaaS bills

SaaS kicks off 2020 with an extra billion in VC funding as round count halves

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Tekion the automotive retail platform headed by a former Tesla CIO just tripled in value

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Proving that chatbots are alive and kicking Quiq raises 25M

From bootstrapped to a 417M valuation Chiles Buk raises 50M for its HR management platform

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