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Nowports raises 53 million to become Latin Americas digital shipping answer to Flexport

Inside 3D Printing Brazil: BioEdTech is Bringing Bioprinting to Brazil and Beyond

Extra Crunch support expands into Argentina Brazil and Mexico

Gogoprint raises 77M to expand its online printing business in Asia Pacific

3D Printing News Briefs: March 27 2018

What the Bolsonaro victory means for Brazils startup ecosystme

Brazils healthtech sector is new hot spot

Online learning marketplace Udemy raises 50M at a 2B valuation from Japanese publisher Benesse

Movo grabs 225M to get more cities in LatAm scooting

Amid Brazils persistent economic crisis fintech startup GuiaBolso raises 39 million

Inside3DPrinting Brazil: BioEdTech is Bringing Bioprinting to Brazil and Beyond

Naspersowned PayU doubles down on India with 70M deal to buy Wibmo

Latin America takes the global lead in VC directed to female cofounders

TissueLabs Expects to Be the Goto Bioprinting Company in Brazil

Nubank is now worth 4 billion after Tencents 180 million investment

A new 124 million for Brazils Movile proves that investors still see promise in Latin American tech

SoftBank makes a huge bet on Latin America

Credit startup Migo expands to Brazil on 20M raise and Africa growth

Omidyarbacked Spero Ventures invests in Mexico Citys Mati a startup pitching IDverification

Challenger bank N26 plans to expand to Brazil

A private equity bet in Latin America proves the strength of fintech investments there

Ubers European rival Taxify raises 175M led by Daimler at a 1B valuation

Google Nokia Qualcomm are investors in 230M Series A2 for Finnish phone maker HMD Global

Meet the speakers at The Europas and get your ticket free July 3 London

Udacity restructures operations lays off 20 percent of its workforce

Inside 3D Printing: Brazilbased ETECH is Taking 3D Printing to the Shop Floor

Pipo Saude raises 46 million to bring healthcare benefits management services to Brazil

In Argentina venture capital surges even as the broader economy stutters

The Stanford connections behind Latin Americas multibilliondollar startup renaissance

What the Bolsonaro victory means for Brazils startup ecosystem

Google has quietly added DuckDuckGo as a search engine option for Chrome users in 60 markets

3D CRIARs New Strategy to Take Over the Brazilian 3D Printing Market

Trumps Huawei ban wins one trade battle but the US may lose the networking war

Pachama launches to support global reforestation through carbon markets

Brazils First Congress on Bioengineering: From Bioprinting in Agriculture to New Startups

Brazils new fintech startup Cora raised 10 million on the strength of its founding team

Why is Andreessen Horowitz and everyone else investing in Latin America now

From seed to Series A: Scaling a startup in Latin America today

Brazilian unicorn Ebanx will hit 2 billion in payments processed by the end of the year

Biogelx in Brazil: New Collaboration for Research Tissue Bioprinting Inks

Startups Weekly: Oyo has issues A farewell

Electric flying taxi service Lilium poaches key hires from Audi Airbus

Fintech in Latin America continues to draw big dollars as Softbank invests 231 million in Creditas

How the 22yearold founders of Brex built a billiondollar business in less than 2 years

Global tech firms and investors are reshaping Latin Americas startup environment

3D Printing as an Industrial Process

Chinas BYD further drives into Chile with 100 electric buses

Latin America Roundup: SoftBank bets on Brazilian unicorns and Konfio raises 250M for lending plans

Partnering with Visa emerging market lender Branch International raises 170 million

Less than 1 year after launching its corporate card for startups Brex eyes 2B valuation