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Facebooks new authorization process for political ads goes live in the US

VCs see much to like in Democrats 15 trillion Moving Forward Act

AOL founder Steve Case involved early in Section 230 says its time to change it

Who really benefits from digital development

House Democrats release more than 3500 Russian Facebook ads

SEC approves 1st consumer RegA token Props for crossapp rewards

Clubhouse Vimeo DoubleVerify and others set to sign up to beefedup disinformation code in the EU

FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn reiterates need to fight for open internet

Frances Digital Minister Mounir Mahjoubi on upcoming digital policies

Macron defends the European way of tech regulation

Tech at Work: DEI at Facebook Prop 22 and gig worker earnings

Europe seals a deal on tighter rules for digital services

Facebook threatens to block news sharing in Australia as it lobbies against revenue share law

Founders should be honest about their failures according to Forage CEO

Cambridge Analytica has been shut out of Twitters ad platform too

Bipartisan bill seeks to elevate the federal CIO position

Hundreds of Uber and Lyft drivers to launch a protest caravan across California

E commerce giant Amazon India launches better policies to engage more sellers to join its fleet

OpenAI Director Shivon Zilis explains why AI requires oversight now

UK quietly ditches porn age checks in favor of wider online harms rules

Partnerships are key to scaling commitments from Bidens Summit for Democracy

Signal could get kicked out of Amazon Web Services

8 benefits and policies that are making your company seem outdated

Facebook will teach the unemployed digitalsocial media skills in 30 cities

Twitter launches its Ads Transparency Center where you can see ads bought by any account

Tim BernersLee on the huge sociotechnical design challenge

Twitter announces new policy and certification process for issue ads

Twitter also sold data access to Cambridge Analytica researcher

Tech must radically rethink how it treats independent contractors

Heres why climate tech may avoid repeating clean techs failures

Ethics in the age of autonomous vehicles

How culturally deranged is our climate today

ZTE fined 1 billion

G7 countries to sign charter on tech regulation in August

Trump calls for 6G cellular technology because why the heck not

Facebook has paused election reminders in Europe after data watchdog raises transparency concerns

Competition policy must change to help startups fight winner takes all platforms says UK report

Android search choice screen is needed to tackle Googles market power says Australias ACCC

Facebook and YouTubes moderation failure is an opportunity to deplatform the platforms

Nvidias limited China connections

Labor leaders and startup founders talk how to build a sustainable gig economy

Defining micromobility and where its going with business and mobility analyst Horace Dediu

Highlights transcript from Zuckerbergs 20Kword ethics talk

Watch Google CEO Sundar Pichai testify in Congress on bias China and more

Google inks agreement in France on paying publishers for news reuse

Dear Sophie: Can I create a startup on a dependent visa from Australia

UK gives WhatsApp another spanking over e2e crypto

France launches marketplace to manage essential products against COVID19

WeWork takes meat off the menu as part of environmental policy drive

US tech needs a pivot to survive