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FeaturePeek wants put an end to lastminute frontend design reviews

Rainforest QA rakes in 25 million Series B to expand ondemand software testing biz

RedHats CoreOS launches a new toolkit for managing Kubernetes applications

New tool uses AI to roll back problematic continuous delivery builds automatically

Nigerias CcHub acquires Kenyas iHub to create mega Africa incubator

Scaleway adds object storage

Sleuth raises 3M Seed to bring order to continuous deployment

Framer X design tool steps in the ring with InVision Adobe and Sketch

Teen hit Yolo raises 8M to let you Snapchat anonymously

OpenStack regroups

Evervault raises 32M from Sequoia Kleiner for an API to build apps with privacy baked in

Snyk grabs 70M more to detect security vulnerabilities in open source code and containers

How to be remote

Pixeom raises 15M for its softwaredefined edge computing platform

Where top VCs are investing in open source and dev tools Part 1 of 2

Orca Security scores 65M seed round to solve cloud native security

Myneralme wins the TechCrunch Hackathon at VivaTech

AppDynamics founder Jyoti Bansal wastes little time launching a new company

Social investment platform eToro acquires smart contract startup Firmo

Africa Roundup: CcHubs iHub acquisition Andelas 50M runrate and layoffs Transsions IPO

Why AWS is building tiny AI race cars to teach machine learning

Learn how to become a fullstack developer in less than 20 hours

Lumigo scores 8M seed to help manage serverless operations

Fauna raises an additional 27M to turn databases into a simple API call

PullRequest pulls in 8M Series A just months after scoring seed round

Robocorp announces 56M seed to bring opensource option to RPA

Quantum Machines raises 55M to build control and operational layer for quantum computers

Continuous delivery pioneer CircleCI scores 100M Series E

Koyeb is a serverless startup that ingests processes and stores data with multiple cloud providers

Google acquires AppSheet to bring nocode development to Google Cloud

Customer feedback is a development opportunity

TikTok parent Bytedance is getting serious about games

Checkly raises 225M seed round for its monitoring and testing platform

Alexa now suggests more games to try at the end of the one youre playing

DeepSource announce 26M seed round to automate static code analysis

GUN raises more than 15M for its decentralized database system

Contentful raises 335M for its headless CMS platform

New Amazon capabilities put machine learning in reach of more developers

Turbo Systems hires former Looker CMO Jen Grant as CEO

Streamlit launches open source machine learning application development framework

MariaDB acquires Clusterix

A pickaxe for the AI gold rush Labelbox sells training data software

Snap launches a certification program for AR shops to craft branded lenses

Docker updates focus on simplifying containerization for developers

Microsoft developer chases Miss America dream with hopes of inspiring more girls to pursue tech

Talk key takeaways from Google Cloud Next with TechCrunch writers

Expert Panel: What even IS tech ethics

Volterra announces 50M investment to manage apps in hybrid environment

Storyblocks makes it easier for developers to integrate its stock media services

Assembla acquires Cornerstone a Subversion client for MacOS