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Alchemy which aims to be the de facto platform for developers to build on web3 is now valued at 102B

Facebook animates photorealistic avatars to mimic VR users faces

Flagright offers transaction monitoring with usagebased pricing

With 10M in funding Mabl brings machine learning to software testing

Serverless monitoring startup Espagon expands to cover broader microservices

TikToks new Creator Marketplace API lets influencer marketing companies tap into firstparty data

4 enterprise developer trends that will shape 2021

Rookout launches its live Kubernetes debugger

Slimai announces 66M seed to build container DevOps platform

Very Good Security makes data unhackable with 85M from Andreessen

Luos is building an API to help embedded engineers connect easily to any hardware component

7 AI startups that stood out in YCs Summer 22 batch

The Pixel 2s Visual Core photo processor now works with Instagram WhatsApp and Snapchat

Git platform AllSpice now curries favor with enterprises

Paragon wants to be the Plaid of SaaS apps

The NoCode Generation is arriving

Codementor launches Code Against COVID19 to match volunteers with software projects

Who are the best software development consultants for startups

DigitalOcean gives you more RAM and storage for the same price

Fleet nabs 20M to enable enterprises to manage their devices

Gravitee nabs new cash to simplify API development and management

Animas latest update draws on the popularity of design and nocode tools

AppOnboard raises 15 million to let Android users try before they buy apps on Google Play

Koyeb is a serverless startup that ingests processes and stores data with multiple cloud providers

As Docker gains momentum it hauls in 105M Series C on 2B valuation

What your company can learn from the Bank of Englands resilience proposal

Cisco open sources MindMeld conversational AI platform

Checkoutcom raises 1B round at 40B valuation

Mobile developer Tru Luv enlists investors to help build a more inclusive alternative to gaming

Sources: Unity and Ironsource are merging in a big consolidation play for gaming and interactive content

Virtrus new API brings encryption tech built by exNSA engineer to thirdparty developers

Equalum lands new capital to help companies build data pipelines

Robocorp announces 56M seed to bring opensource option to RPA

The most important API metric is time to first call

Redpoint and Sequoia are backing a startup to copy edit your shit code

Decentralized video infrastructure platform Livepeer raises 8m series A

Apple nears agreement with OpenAI for iOS 18

Salt Security lands 70M for tech to protect APIs from malicious abuse

AR 10 is dead: Heres what it got wrong

Strattic raises 65M to bring static WordPress to the masses

Hasura raises 25 million Series B and adds MySQL support to its GraphQL service

Liveblocks is an API that lets you add realtime collaboration to your product

After tackling energy utilities entrepreneur Scott Case is eager to mix it up with electric vehicles

PureSec exits Beta to secure serverless code

Opaque Systems secures cash to keep data private while enabling collaboration

H20AIs snares 40M Series C investment led by Wells Fargo and Nvidia

GeekWire Bash Impact Partners 2019: Check out these incredible nonprofit partners at todays giant geek festival

The hype haplessness and hope of haptics in the COVID19 era

Kubermatic launches open source service hub to enable complex service management

Fermyon wants to reinvent the way programmers develop microservices