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MIT and Harvard create cheap artificial muscles with super strength

Dutch startup QphoX raises 2M to connect Quantum computers with a Quantum modem

DWave sticks with its approach to quantum computing

Your vegetables are going to be picked by robots sooner than you think

Regulus Cyber launches with a technology to secure autonomous vehicles

Drone development should focus on social good first says UK report

Relativity is building a 3D printing rocket manufacturing hub in Mississippi

How 3D printing is revolutionizing the housing industry

Waymo releases a selfdriving open data set for free use by the research community

Drone delivery startup Zipline launches UAV medical program in Ghana

Synthego raises 110 million to make gene editing technologies more accessible

Intel and Baidu partner on Nervana Neural Network AI training processor

Reserve your demo table at TC Sessions: Mobility 2019

Tekever raises 23M for industrial drone technology optimized for maritime surveillance

With Y Combinators seal of approval MyPetrolPump raises 16 million for its car refueling business

Researchers find a new material for quantum computing

Lunewave is pitching a new sensor offering better vision for autonomous vehicles

Waymos Boris Sofman and TuSimples Xiaodi Hou to join us at TC Sessions: Mobility 2020

Daimler and Boschs driverless parking gets OK to operate without human supervision

Elon Musks selfdriving strategy still doesnt include LiDAR

Postmates lands permit to test its Serve autonomous delivery robots in SF

Momentus seeks up to 25 million as it inks deals to transport cargo beyond low Earth orbit

Toyota GM Nvidia Bosch and others form new autonomous driving tech consortium

ETH spinoff LatticeFlow raises 28M to help build trustworthy AI systems

Chinese startup Rokid pitches COVID19 detection glasses in US

Silq is a new highlevel programming language for quantum computers

Waymo and Google launch a selfdriving truck pilot in Atlanta

Vayyar nabs 109M for its 4D radar tech which detects and tracks images while preserving privacy

Amazon extends its quantum efforts with a focus on networking

Classiq raises additional funding for its quantum algorithm design tools

Boeing invests in company building autonomous aircraft

Chinas Xpeng in the race to automate EVs with lidar

Zipline begins US medical delivery with UAV program honed in Africa

Classiq raises 105M Series A round for its quantum software development platform

Waymo expands first external investment round to 3 billion

Peep the future of distributed ledgers with the leaders of Hyperledger Parity Technologies and Tradeshift

AI is struggling to adjust to 2020

Andreessen Horowitz backs NFT investor group behind rare WuTang Clan album purchase

Udelv partners with HEB on Texas autonomous grocery delivery pilot

Ford taps Qualcomm to ensure cars can talk to everything else

Waymo brings in 225 billion from outside investors Alphabet

Former Google X exec Mo Gawdat wants to reinvent consumerism

Intel and Baidu partner on Nirvana Neural Network AI training processor

Allstar team of synthetic biologists raise 53 million for cancer therapy startup Senti

Dominos serves up selfdriving pizza delivery pilot in Houston

Driving down the cost of preserving genetic material Acorn Biolabs raises 33 million

The road ahead for Waymo AV engineering and mobility with Waymo CTO Dmitri Dolgov

Selfdriving company Waymo teams up with UPS for package delivery

IBM publishes its quantum roadmap says it will have a 1000qubit machine in 2023

Ansa Biotechnologies wants to usher in a new era of DNA manufacturing