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Facial recognition startup Kairos settles lawsuits with founder and former CEO Brian Brackeen

Apples fine over Dutch dating apps antitrust order hits 50M but ACM welcomes revised offer

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Skype alumni head to court in a battle over Starship Technologies and Wire

Cosmic Crisp conflict: Washington State University sues its own spinoff in dispute over apple of the future

AWS gets a nocode ML service

Anthony Levandowski ordered to pay 179 million to Google

GeekWire Cloud Tech Summit earlybird pricing ends Friday register today

Incredibuild powers up with 35M to boost its distributed faster approach to games and software development

Microsoft in standoff with Amazon over big hire names Charlie Bell to lead bold new security group

Practice Fusion once backed by top VCs pushed doctors to prescribe opioids in kickback scheme

Serverless monitoring startup Espagon expands to cover broader microservices

Amazon Web Services makes nearly 67 of Amazons operating profit in blockbuster quarter

MoneyHash gets 3M to build a superAPI for payment operations in Africa Mideast

Rad vs Bam: Seattle ebike startup calls rival a copycat company sues over alleged knockoff website

Amazon Web Services launches AWS Ground Station a cloud service for satellite operators

Amazon Web Services launches AWS Secrets Manager and other new tools as cloud customers continue to prove they need security help

Kadena brings free private blockchain service to Azure Marketplace

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Extra Crunch roundup: Crucial API metrics US startup funding advanced SEO tactics

Europes top court sharpens guidance for sites using leaky social plugins

Edge Delta raises 15M Series A to take on Splunk

Public cloud security startup Laminar emerges from stealth with 37M

Widespread outage at Amazon Web Services US East region takes down Alexa Atlassian developer tools

Former Facebook engineer picks up 15M for AI platform Spell

Amazon settles noncompete lawsuit involving AWS sales exec who joined Google Cloud

Usagebased pricing is a companywide effort

Amazon cloud boss targets Microsofts core business eyes 37 trillion enterprise IT market

Bright raises 15M for its live video platform that lets you learn from top creators