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LA By Night the best damn vampire show around is returning for its final season

Geek of the Week: Jason Flick has his gamer face on as official eMLS player for the Seattle Sounders

Incredibuild powers up with 35M to boost its distributed faster approach to games and software development

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Unity CEO says half of all games are built on Unity

WildWorks maker of Animal Jam and Feral angers fans with embrace of crypto gaming

Former Z2 employees raise 33M for new Seattle game development studio Lightfox Games

Microsoft bundles Xbox Game Pass and Live Gold in a 15 monthly plan

Deal Dive: Futureverse is a metaverse company that might actually get it

Microsoft wants you to build your next game in the cloud

Daily Crunch: Embedded finance fintech Pezesha raises 11M preSeries A equitydebt round

Pro tips from the team behind Kickstarters most funded app

Nvidia will reportedly unveil its next generation of graphics cards next month

Mark Cuban and Coinbase back Eternal an NFT marketplace for trading Twitch streamer clips

Microsoft and Nintendo release Minecraft trailer focused on crossplay

As regulation heats up will gaming studios gamble on loot boxes pay off

Mobalytics raises 11M and adds eye tracking metrics to its automated gaming coach

Sonys working on an AI that can play games for you Heres a better idea

This video game lets you throw tampons at menstrual haters and I love it

How Metafy founder Josh Fabian caught the attention of 776 by building in public

Sectors where New Zealand startups are poised to win

With investors knocking PlayVS opens the door to a 30M Series B

Lightspeeds Mercedes Bent on why the metaverse isnt overhyped

Whoda thunk Smartphone failure Microsoft now has the top free app and paid game on Apples iOS

Facebook steps into cloud gaming and another feud with Apple

Niantic reveals its vision for a realworld metaverse releases Lightship AR Developer Kit

Logitechs first gaming speakers pack RGB lighting and ample bass for 199

Pro gamer Tfue files lawsuit against esports org over grossly oppressive contract

The Shadow Ghost turns cloud gaming into a seamless experience

The Voids Curtis Hickman on scaling creative IP and the future of VR experiences

Discord announces 9010 revenue split for selfpublished titles on upcoming games store

Is the AR and VR market only for trilliondollar companies

Zwift maker of a popular indoor training app just landed a whopping 450 million in funding led by KKR

Protecting intellectual property rights in the billiondollar world of virtual gaming

5 top gaming investors explain how the pandemic is reshaping MMOs and social games

VCs discuss gamings biggest infrastructure investment opportunities in 2021

Kanos latest computer kit for kids doubles down on touch

Comscore partners with Twitch to bring gaming and esports viewership stats to advertisers

Mobile gaming company Voodoo acquires Beach Bum

Cloud gaming firm Shadow says hackers stole customers personal data

Mixed Reality in Gaming Market detailed overview of the industry including both qualitative and quantitative information

Cloudfirst game studio Mainframe raises 81M led by Andreessen Horowitz

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Artie sidesteps the app stores by putting highquality games in your browser

Blockchain gaming survey: 7 investors discuss regulation opportunities and NFT hype

Mental health startup eQuoo joins UKs NHS app library closes in on seed round

Caffeine signs streaming deal with rapper Offset

With schools increasingly focused on mental health PsycApps raises seed round for US expansion

This startup is bringing precision control for gamers to the humble keyboard

Mobile gaming startup Homa Games raises 50 million