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Lime is expanding its lowincome program

Gogoro announces Yamaha Aeon and PGO are the first manufacturers that will use its swappable batteries in their own scooters

Update: Bird buys more scooters

How Lime Scoot JUMP and Spin plan to deploy adaptive scooters

Taxing your privacy

Innovative Cooling Apparel Combats Global Warming

Lime wants to block Scoot and Skip from deploying electric scooters in SF next week

Why micromobility may emerge from the pandemic stronger than before

Ford reportedly buying Spin as big transportation companies seek new mobility toehold

Cake brings a Swedish take on emotorcycle design to the US

As Bird buys Circ a rewind of scooter VC MA and financial reporting

Blockchain security startup CoolBitX raises 1675M Series B

Lime hits 115 million bike and scooter rides

Toronto Raptors founder brings Bird scooters to Canada as a platform partner

Leaked SpaceX documents show company forbids employees to sell stock if it deems theyve misbehaved

EasySend raises 555M for a nocode platform to build online interactions with customers

3D Printing News Briefs December 24 2023: EBAM DLS 2GL Construction More

Grow Therapy plants 15M into helping therapists start their own practices

Exceptional Ventures joins Europes health and wellness goldrush with a new 24M fund

Apple Sans Ive

TikTok fined in France for manipulative cookie consent flow

Former Beats Music CEO is back with an electric scooter startup

Hellobike survivor of Chinas bikesharing craze goes electric

UK escooter trial onhold after underage teens ride 12MPH on 70MPH highway

Veo CEO Candice Xie has a plan for building a sustainable scooter company and its working

Institutional trust is the real meme

Apples Tim Cook warns of adtech fuelling a social catastrophe as he defends app tracker optin

VCs serve up a large helping of cash to startups disrupting food

Escooter startup Neuron Mobility adds 12M to its Series A for expansion in Australia and New Zealand

Global Cooking Oil Market AnalysisBy Segments Applications Types Key Players and Forecast to 2025

Escooter startup Tier raises 250 million round led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2

Global ClimateTech investment triples but cash for tech directly cutting emissions lags

Apples CEO Tim Cook to flag trust and humanity in major privacy speech

Defining micromobility and where its going with business and mobility analyst Horace Dediu

How issues of microtransit congestion and parking are closing in on cities

Africas ridehail markets are hot spots for startups and VC

Escooter firms get the green light to start trials of up to one year on UK streets

Electric scooter and bike parking has arrived

Investigation finds escooters a cause of 1500 accidents

RedRoute wants answering customer service calls to be as easy as using Alexa

Bird Rides to go public via SPAC at an implied value of 23B

Scooter startups hit roadblocks as cities get smarter about new forms of transportation

Studying the Process: Students Design Self Balancing Scooter Using 3D Tech

Electric scooter permits will be required in San Francisco

Cooks Venture picks up 12 million to rethink agriculture from the ground up

Birds electric scooters are going international

This coop wants to put money back into patients hands

Wipro Digital to acquire Cooper a leader in UX and interaction design and expand Designits capabilities

Bird has positive unit economics with its custom scooter model CEO says

Bird plans to hire 1000 people in Paris