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ExPlaid employees raise 30M for Stytch an APIfirst passwordless authentication platform

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Join us for a live QA with Plaid CEO Zach Perret June 18 at 10 am PDT1 pm EDT

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Plaid CEO touts new clarity after failed Visa acquisition

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Accel and Sequoia seed Middesk with 4M to background check businesses

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Plaid officially expands into identity and income verification fraud prevention and account funding

Still managing engineers remotely Okay has a performance dashboard for that

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DEUNA enters Latin Americas crowded oneclick checkout sector flush with 37M

Plaid buys Cognito as it moves beyond merely connecting accounts

Skyflow and Plaid partner in effort to bolster fintech data security

NEA venture capitals quiet giant closes on 36 billion

Plaid expands financial service API to include all US banks

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Atomic aims to give consumers more control over their income with payrollconnecting APIs

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a16z backs Rutters goal of being Plaid for commerce

Nigerias OnePipe raises 35M to double down on its embedded finance offering

For businesses seeking lowcode fintech infrastructure options theres a Quiltt for that

Plaid puts Quovo acquisition right to work with new investments product

Plaid lays off 20 of staff CEO says the fintech company hired and invested ahead of revenue growth

Visa is acquiring Plaid for 53 billion 2x its final private valuation

Plaids Zack Perret on Visa valuations and privacy