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Slack prices IPO at 26 per share

With open banking on the horizon the fintechSME love story is just beginning

Spains Payflow a salary advance startup banks 91M to fuel a super app growth strategy

Mercury banks 20M for its banking service aimed at startups

Using data to solve key pain points for todays banking customers

Sequoia leads 5M preseed in Egypts 1monthold digital bank Telda

Highbeam secures 10M loan to provide credit spend monitoring and more to ecommerce retailers

Kaszek leads Z1s latest round as it develops its bank app aimed at LatAm teens

Penfold closes 85M to provide a fullstack pension in an app aimed at freelancers

Hong Kongs Neat raises 3M to offer easy banking for startups and SMEs

Factor raises seed round to streamline an overlooked part of the supply chain

Plaid expands financial service API to include all US banks

Railsbank raises 70M to build out its fintechasaservice platform

Over 5000 Wells Fargo ATMs now support cardfree access via Apple Pay and other mobile wallets

Stifels Global Technology Investment Banking: Never Been a Better Time to Be in 3D Printing

What we know and dont about Goldman Sachs Africa VC investing

Weav raises 43M to knit together a universal API for commerce platforms

TrueLayer raises 70M for its open banking platform

With Bling the fintech startup revolution spreads even to pocket money

Vista Equity takes minority stake in Canadas Vena with 242M investment

3 investors explain why earned wage access startups are set to cash more checks

Nigerian fintech Okra raises 35M backed by Accenture Ventures and Susa Ventures

Potential winners and losers line up as Plaid pushes deeper into payments

Qonto raises 23 million to improve business banking

Guardian Circle upgrades with a decentralized alert network

BlockFi just gathered up 50 million to lend to bitcoin and ethereum holders who dont want to cash out yet

Electric flying taxi service Lilium poaches key hires from Audi Airbus

Vitesse a fintech providing realtime crossborder payments for businesses scores 66M Series A

Australian Mortgage Market Advanced technologies Forecast and Winning Imperatives 2018

Crowdeds app gives clubs associations banking flexibility

Founded by exdLocal and AstroPay execs Datanomik is bringing open banking to LatAm

Founders dont put all your cash in one basket

These four iconic European founders plan to kick the asses of VCs who never started a company

The changing nature of venture capital

Banking Software MarketTop Manufactures by Development Status Industry Dynamics Business Opportunities Challenge and Growth 2025

Best of TechCrunch 2021

Jiko announces partnership to launch a banking app for the transgender community

Truecaller foreys into live audio with its new Open Doors app

UKs ANNA raises 21M for its SMBfocused business account and tax app

Charge card startup Brex aims for decacorn success

How This New Accounting Feature Can Save Businesses From Fraud and Financial Mishap

Yapily raises 51 million for its open banking API by focusing on infrastructure

Meet Paysail the startup making B2B payments faster using crypto

Citi wants fintech startups to disrupt institutional banking

Robinhood said to not be properly insured to offer checking savings

Latin Americas digital transformation is making up for lost time

YouTrip a challenger bank in Southeast Asia raises 25M for expansion

Symphony a messaging app thats been a hit with Wall Street raises 165M at a 14B valuation

TrueLayer nabs 130M at a 1B valuation as open banking rises as a viable option to card networks

Thin file loans startup Koyo closes 50M Series A led by Force Over Mass