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Space is open for business

Developers and cloud rivals will be watching Microsofts plans for Azure and GitHub very closely

Mailchimp launches new AI tools as it continues its transformation to marketing platform

Autify raises 25M seed round for its nocode software testing platform

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Can this startup solve the HR headache that is digital nomads It just raised 12M to try

Aaves Lens Protocol raises 15M to build the decentralized social web

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Cyber threat startup Cygilant hit by ransomware

Checkly raises 225M seed round for its monitoring and testing platform

1RoundTable bets on longterm less volatile strategy with new growthstage crypto fund

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3D Systems NoSupports Eliminates Supports for Metal 3D Printing Webinar

Healthcare startup Lyfebin exposed medical images

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Join Us to Learn How to Scale 3D Printing to Production with HP Multi Jet Fusion

Deal Boxs venture arm to invest 125M in startups using web3 technology

Microsofts Azure Container Instances which lets you deploy containers with utter disregard for hardware now generally available

European Parliaments IMCO backs limits on tech giants ability to run tracking ads

Incredibuild powers up with 35M to boost its distributed faster approach to games and software development

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