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Insane UK Tech reacts to Gov moves that might hand UK startups contract to Barclays Bank

With 29M in funding Isovalent launches its cloudnative networking and security platform

Galaxy Digital calls off 12 billion acquisition of BitGo

Astroscale successfully demos inspace captureandrelease system to clear orbital debris

Seattle startup Persona pivots and seizes on video chat popularity by using AI to curate highlight reels

Fantasy startup Esports One raises 4M more

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Hopins COO CFO and chief business officer are out

Devcon raises 45M to beef up adtech security

Deepdub raises 20M for AIpowered dubbing that uses actors original voices

Ocurate raises 35M to show customer lifetime value for B2C companies

WeWork pulls thousands of phone booths out of service over formaldehyde scare

Khatabook raises 25M to help small businesses in India record financial transactions digitally and accept online payments

GeekWire Calendar Picks: The GeekWire Bash is a week away International Womens Day and the future of Star Trek

Why the Entrepreneur Behind Homepolish Whose Clients Include Karlie Kloss and ClassPass Constantly Fires Himself

Course Hero a profitable edtech unicorn raises rare cash

Skyline AI raises 3M from Sequoia Capital to help real estate investors make better decisions

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As Wall Street preps for huge IPO year will any Seattle companies go public in 2019

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Royal DSM Will Choose Ten Startups to Participate in the I AM Tomorrow Challenge

Doctrine raises 116 million for its legal search engine

PQShield raises 20M for its quantumready futureproof cryptographic security solutions

Tandem snags 57M for its language buddy app amid COVID19s elearning boom

In the shadow of Amazon and Microsoft Seattle startups are having a moment

Usagebased pricing is a companywide effort

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Samsung investing 150 million in early stage startups

mmhmm videochat software is now available to all for Mac

Life sciences startup Avro aims to deliver drugs to children and the elderly through skin patches

Tickets now on sale for TechCrunch Startup Battlefield MENA 2018

Leena AI nabs 8M Series as it expands from chatbots to HR service platform

Solestial promises solar panels in space for a tenth of the cost and lines up 10M seed

Summersalt raises 6M for its directtoconsumer line of ecofriendly swimsuits

Tailor Brands raises 50M aims to be onestop shop for small businesses to launch

TruEra raises 25M for its AI analytics and monitoring platform

Dualchemistry battery tech could push BMWs iX EV to 600mile range

Another highflying heavily funded AR headset startup is shutting down

WARD is an app for placing fantasy bets on eSports games

Heres what youll learn at Atriums fundraising workshop

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