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Teslas big battery event and shareholder meeting tentatively set for September 15

Meet the Zillow Prize winners who get 1M and bragging rights for beating the Zestimate

Private space industrialization is here

Pivotal Commware raises millions more in investment for beamforming antennas

3D Printed Sugar Scaffolds Could Have an Impact on Bioprinting and Microfluidics

TLDR: Get packages delivered to your car iPhonebased stethoscope Adventureman visits Microsoft

Rutgers Engineers Develop 4D Printing Method for ShapeShifting Hydrogels

Seattle Opera goes beyond Apple to get to the core of Steve Jobs complex character

China: Microcasting Technology in Metal 3D Printing to Produce Large Pump Propeller Blades

Laserinitiated fusion leads the way to safe affordable clean energy

Carewave Medical raising cash for pain relieving wearable with support from big biotech names

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Scientists propose Spaceline elevator to the Moon

Ultrapotent nanoparticle COVID19 vaccine with Univ of Wash roots gets 173M for human trials

Home WiFi Security Solutions Market 202128 surge promising growth with CujoKoalasafeEero

Seattle startup Lumen Bioscience is working with Google to make drugs using algae

Chinas failed baby gene experiment proves were not ready to edit human embryos

Atomwises machine learningbased drug discovery service raises 123 million

Orbital debris startup Astroscale chosen by JAXA for its first space junk removal mission

The Pentagon focuses on AI despite White House indifference

Mission Bio raises 70 million to help scale its tech for improving the development of targeted cancer therapies

Will your nose know lamb Black Sheep Foods is betting it will

Echodyne raises 20M from Bill Gates and others as surveillance radar gains traction

Watch MITs mini cheetah robots frolic fall flip and play soccer together

Homeschooling Market is Growing Rapidly with Recent Trends Demand Development Revenue and Forecast Till 2027

World View successfully launches its first stratollite from its Tucson HQ

Researchers Investigate Tensile Properties of 3D Printed PLA Specimens: Is 80 Infill Best

Selfcharging thousandyear battery startup NDB aces key tests and lands first beta customers

Harvard Researchers Develop Novel 3D Printing Method to Give Soft Robotic Gripper the Ability to Sense Its Surroundings

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From augmented reality to fake news: Five glimpses of the future from scifi author Neal Stephenson

What is Metrology Part 7: GOM

Sentinel Healthcare raises 2M to monitor hypertension in round led by PSL Ventures

YC startup Felix wants to replace antibiotics with programmable viruses

Ultima Genomics claims 100 full genome sequencing after stealth 600M raise

China takes on Hyperloop with 1000 kmh super maglev train

3D Printing News Briefs October 27 2021: PostProcessing Jet Engines More

What is Metrology Part 2: FARO

AgBiome lands 166M for safer crop protection technology

5 Essential Tips for Starting a Successful Web 30 Venture

6 firsttime fund managers detail how theyre preparing to thrive during the downturn

Seattle biotech scores 675M to treat migraines and Parkinsons with drugs delivered deep into the nasal cavity

Synthetic biology startup AbSci raises 65M to expand Protein Printing tech

Neurons a fuckton of them are what make us smarter than other animals

Digital Room Thermostats Market is Growing Rapidly with Recent Trends Demand Development Revenue and Forecast Till 2027

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Finite Element Modeling Used to Study How Defects Can Effect Porosity in 3D Printed Lattice Structures

Video Conference System Rental Platform Market Global Outlook on Key Growth Trends Factors and Forecast 2027

125 million for Inscripta may usher in the next wave of genetic engineering

3D Printing Hierarchical Porous Materials