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3 unicorn takeaways from the Casper and One Medical IPOs

Cratejoy sheds 60 of its workforce amid restructuring effort

Tuurnt lets people pay you to party

The US wants startups to get a piece of the 16 billion spent on space tech

This is Your Life in Silicon Valley: NYTs Mike Isaac discusses his upcoming Uber book Leaks from Facebook and More

Insurtech AI startup Akur8 closes 30M Series B

Education startup MindX raises 33M to prepare Vietnamese students for tech careers

Lockheed Martin CEO Marillyn Hewson to speak at Disrupt SF

Timeflip is a timetracking gadget simple enough that I might actually use it

Aevum is building a modular autonomous drone for space and terrestrial deliveries

Anvyl looking to help D2C brands manage their supply chain raises 93M

Wasabi announces 30M Series B as cloud storage business continues to grow

Microsoft signs its first renewable energy deal in Asia with Singaporean solar firm Sunseap

These 50 founders and VCs suggest 2018 may be a tipping point for women: Part 1

XFactor the early stage VC that invests in womenled startups raises a second fund

COVID was the best thing for Kitty as insurance apps for pets boom

Stackblitz raises 79M to bring a better IDE to your browser

FitOn pumps up its fitness platform with 18M in Deltav Capitalled funding

Google Cloud releases Dialogflow Enterprise Edition for building chat apps

Malaysias Dahmakan chows down 26M for its endtoend food delivery service

Stripe is the latest fintech to falter taking a 28 internal valuation cut

Amazons Twitch hit with major breach of source code security tools streamer payouts and more

HQ Trivia is coming soon to Android

Portcast gets 32M to create more transparent and sustainable supply chains

Can the startup building a Fortnite for VR become the Fortnite of VR

As the global venture capital market slows is the US dodging the downturn

QuestDB snares 12M Series A with hosted version coming soon

Uber wins appeal and gets a provisional 15month license to operate in London

Max Q: SpaceX sets a date with history in May

Crunch Report Tinder is using AI to get you hooked up

Stitch gets a 2M seed extension hires Benjamin Dada to lead Nigerian expansion

New technology puts the AI in aid for US veterans

Mozilla is shutting down its VR web browser Firefox Reality

Startups in 2022 are indeed harder Better Faster stronger

Rapyd nabs 40M led by Stripe and GC for fintech as a service a single API for payments money transfer and more

Serial fintech founder raises 20M for Ant Money to make microinvesting even more accessible

Google hires former SiriusXM CPOCTO to lead its Maps team

Near Space Labs provides unmatched highresolution imaging using stratospheric satellites

QC Ware Forge will give developers access to quantum hardware and simulators across vendors

GraphPath plans to combine Knowledge Graphs with the blockchain

Indianapolisbased Malomo raises 28 million to turn order tracking into a branded customer experience

Australian neobank Zeller raises 100M AUD Series B at 1B AUD valuation

Heres a small way to start building your resistance to Y Combinator rejections

More layoffs at pivoting London ed tech startup pitop

Babylon Health is building an integrated AIbased health app to serve a city of 300K in England

China Roundup: Alibaba to add 5000 staff to cloud unit

Thanksgiving online shopping hits record 51B up 215 on 2019 47 of sales via mobile

Middle East investors at our Startup Battlefield Beirut October 3rd Grab your tickets now

Coronavirus fears hit markets bringing US shares down as tech and SaaS slip

As Netflix pivots American attitudes shift to owning digital assets not just streaming them