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Coya raises 30 million to launch its insurance service in Europe

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Nigerian fintech Appzone raises 10M for expansion and proprietary technology

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SynapseFi raises 17M to develop its fintech and banking platform

UK fintech Jaja pays 671M in cash to acquire the Bank of Irelands UK credit card business

Wisetack closes on 45M to bring buy now pay later to inperson services

Acrew Capital Jeff Bezos back Colombiabased proptech La Haus 100M debt equity round

Bench bookkeeping service raises 18 million in funding

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Point raises 465 million for its premium debit card

Jefa is a challenger bank for women without a bank account

Octane raises 52M at a 900M valuation to help people finance large recreational purchases

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Steve Jang Kanyi Maqubela form or fund as Kindred Ventures

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Square Cash now supports direct deposits for your paycheck

Silverlake adds a 2 billion longterm hedge fund backed by Abu Dhabi to its tech finance toolkit

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