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Uber Express Pool offers the cheapest fare if youll walk a little

Global Tuberculosis Testing Technology Market Research Statistics and Growth to 2018

Rapyd which offers fintechasaservice via a single API adds 20M more to its coffers at a 12B valuation

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Googles Waze launches carpool service in Washington state taking on Uber and Lyft

Voyage raises 31 million to bring driverless taxis to communities

Uber releases IPO documents reports 113B in 2018 revenue up 42 from 2017

All Day Kitchens wants to expand every independent restaurants delivery network

Battery Ventures leads Arize AIs 19M round for ML observability

YC grad SINAI helps companies understand their emissions in a bid to fight climate change

Nigerian logistics startup Kobo360 accepted into YC raises 12 million

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Hyundai is getting into the flying car business

Uber is expected to seek 10 billion in IPO

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Cybereason raises 200 million for its enterprise security platform

Backflip offers an easier way to turn used electronics into cold hard cash

Silverlake adds a 2 billion longterm hedge fund backed by Abu Dhabi to its tech finance toolkit

We are seeing volume and interest in Peloton explode says company president on listing day

CDCs new guidance around COVID19 contact sends potentially exposed critical employees back to work

Spectro Cloud launches with 75M investment to help developers build Kubernetes clusters their way

The 11 best startups from Y Combinators S19 Demo Day 1

TLDR: Uber CEO says selfdriving cars will be safer than humans ESPNs new streaming service RED iPhones

Venture capital undermines human rights

Styra the startup behind Open Policy Agent nabs 40M to expand its cloudnative authorization tools

Equity Monday: TechCrunch goes Yahoo while welding robots raise 56M

Uber expands privacy settlement with FTC

GV partner Joe Kraus named Limes first COO

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Uber orders 24000 Volvo XC90s for driverless fleet

Product School raises 25M in growth equity to scale its product training platform

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Uber to become the sole owner of grocery delivery startup Cornershop

3 questions concerning Instacarts upcoming IPO

Inside Skips plan to appeal San Franciscos scooter permit decision

Tetrate nets 125 million to bring microservices to the corporate masses

How Lime Scoot JUMP and Spin plan to deploy adaptive scooters

OnLoop launches with 55M to inject some fun into performance reviews

The age of the centaur: 100M ARR is the new cloud valuation milestone

Uber shares tumble 5 as reports indicate it will lose the Grubhub deal to European rival

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Ridehailing firm Grab launches new venture to back startups in Southeast Asia

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Autonomous vehicles make congestion pricing even more critical

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Southeast Asias Grab partners with MasterCard to offer prepaid cards

Ola Ubers India rival invests 100M in scooter rental startup Vogo