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Social salesleads startup Socedo closing amid Twitter changes engineering team joins Azuqua

Suspicious likes lead to researcher lighting up a 22000strong botnet on Twitter

Facebooks photo porting tool adds support for Dropbox and Koofr

Tech giants still not doing enough to fight fakes says European Commission

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Tech leaders speak out about platforms roles in US Capitol riots

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong might not be having fun at work you guys

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TLDR: Trumps war on Amazon continues Seattles restaurant robot AIpowered horse monitoring Seattles restaurant robot

Equity Monday: Big Tesla numbers juice EV companies

Edward Snowden dunks on Search gurus in hilarious Twitter clapback

Heres Twitters position on Alex Jones and hatepeddling antitruthers hint: Its a fudge

Twitter acquires Stories template maker Chroma Labs

Twitter rolls out 280character limit with confidence that brevity will still be preferred by most

Submit your questions for a TechCrunch Twitter Space with immigration law attorney Sophie Alcorn

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Twitters Rinki Sethi on why CISOs win when security is a shared responsibility

Is Trump a Twitter addict

Online platforms still not clear enough about hate speech takedowns: EC

Facebook and Twitter CEOs to testify before Congress in November on how they handled the election

Congress grills Facebook Twitter Google on shells hiding election meddlers

Twitter embeds factchecking links in Trumps lying tweets

Former Twitter exec on Trump ban the failure of social media and an idea to find common ground

Snapchat is growing faster than Facebook and Twitter

Twitter admits it overestimated its user numbers

Twitter adds support for Twitter Spaces to its rebuilt API

Memes are taking the altrights message of hate mainstream

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As stocks recover private investors arent buying the hype

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Tigers den of due diligence

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A Twitter Bot Wrote This

Twitter to introduce stricter content NSFW guidelines worrying adult content creators

Parler jumps to No 1 on App Store after Facebook and Twitter ban Trump

GreenShirtGuy is the cure for political absurdity

Daily Crunch: US dangles reward up to 10M for info on 6 elite Russian military hackers

Twitter pledges to dial up efforts to combat election misinformation

Mark Cubanbacked live entertainment app Fireside launches to creators

Facebooks Oversight Board throws the company a Trumpshaped curveball

Why a bipartisan embrace of crypto might never touch Bitcoin

Twitter adds safeguards after Trump account deactivated report says employee was contractor

An early TikTok exec just launched a dating app Spark

TMobile hit by phone calling text message outage

Elon Musk dualclass shares and who owns the future

Twitter introduces a new videocentric ad format