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ExGoogle policy chief dumps on the tech giant for dodging human rights

Rep DelBene and other lawmakers voice privacy concerns over virustracking plans

The Samsung Galaxy S9 comes in purple and people dont know how to feel

Deficiencies that broke FCC commenting system in net neutrality fight detailed by GAO

Bipartisan bill proposes oversight for commercial facial recognition

Microsoft expands partnership deal with Telefonica with edge computing in mind

DEEPFAKES Accountability Act would impose unenforceable rules but its a start

With pandemicera acquisitions big tech is back in the antitrust crosshairs

US threatens to pull big techs immunities if child abuse isnt curbed

Congress may be divided on taxes but its finally united in its war on faxes

NASA adds SpaceX Blue Origin and more to list of companies set to make deliveries to the surface of the Moon

Amazon cancels its Mobile World Congress plan over coronavirus fears

As the CLOUD Act sneaks into the omnibus big tech butts heads with privacy advocates

Unregulated facial recognition technology presents unique risks for the LGBTQ community

Another day another US company forced to divest of Chinese investors

Amazon wont say if its facial recognition moratorium applies to the feds

Is Americas national security Facebook and Googles problem

Rep DelBene of Washington takes another swing at federal privacy protections

Google CEO set to testify in front of Congress on Dec 5

US Senators grill Facebook Google and Twitter on extremist content

Despite bans Giphy still hosts selfharm hate speech and child sex abuse content

Seattle Chamber of Commerce CEO key figure in citys Amazon debate announces Congressional bid

Congress needs your input but dont call it crowdsourcing

For true transparency around political advertising US tech companies must collaborate

Nearly all 2020 presidential candidates arent using a basic email security feature

Faster 5G phones are coming even though nobody has a 5G phone yet

Amazon pulls out of Mobile World Congress tech event due to coronavirus no word from Microsoft

Chrome extension also sends your tweets to Congress

How the 2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package impacts startups

Americas largest companies push for federal online privacy laws to circumvent state regulatory efforts

Microsoft pitched its facial recognition tech to the DEA new emails show

Facebook will defend Libra before the Congress today This should be interesting

Huaweis new MateBook X Pro and MateBook 14 are great alternatives to a MacBook Pro

In letter to Congress Apple sends strongest denial over spy chip story

To curb lobbying power Elizabeth Warren wants to reinstate the Office of Technology Assessment

Mark Zuckerberg doesnt want to talk about tracking users whove logged out of Facebook

Max Q: International Astronautical Congress 2019 recap edition

Facebook is weaponizing security to erode privacy

Finally a bipartisan issue: Accepting money from lobbyists to block free taxfiling software

Trump readying all of the above fusillade on Chinese tech

Its Reddits turn: The front page of the internet should be next to face Congress

At the Google hearing Congress proves they still have no idea how the internet works

IBM Watson CTO Rob High on bias and other challenges in machine learning

Twitter endorses the Honest Ads Act a bill promoting political ad transparency

New legislation aims to prepare American infrastructure for Internet of Things explosion

Energizers 18000mAh battery phone is as thick as 3 normal phones

New guidance on SBA loans means most startups are still excluded from 349 billion stimulus

Cantwell introduces bill package to invest in clean energy and shore up power grid against hacks

The next investments in infrastructure should include more than roads and bridges

Zimbabwes government faces off against its tech community over internet restrictions