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regenHU CEO: Bioprinting Will Strengthen OrganTrans Project to 3D Print Liver Organoid

Loft Dynamics raises 20M to tackle pilot shortage with VR training

Combining machine learning tools for medical imaging with genetic sequencing nets Sophia Genetics 110M

DeepCode cleans your code with the power of AI

Silq is a new highlevel programming language for quantum computers

Tile finds another 45M to expand its itemtracking devices and platform

How the Apple Watch changed the world

Kaspersky to move some core infrastructure out of Russia to fight for trust

mimiX Biotherapeutics Unveils First Acoustic Bioprinter: Creating Life With Sound the Next Generation of Biofabrication

Advertima rings up 175M for computer visionpowered behavioral analytics for instore retail

Oviva grabs 80M for appdelivered healthy eating programs

What we can learn from edtech startups expansion efforts in Europe

Everledgers Kemp and Omises Hasegawa join TC Blockchain

Hewlett Packard Enterprise selected to support supercomputer brain simulation

As startups flood the health space bioniq launches hyperpersonalised supplements

Acronis raises 147M from Goldman Sachs to expand its cyber security services

Broadening education investments to fullstack solutions

Revolut adds Apple Pay support in 16 markets

10 Zuricharea investors on Switzerlands 2020 startup outlook

President Bolsonaro should boost Brazils entrepreneurial ecosystem

The cost of energy storage has stalled adoption of renewable power Energy Vault has a solution

EU states agree a tech spec for national coronavirus apps to work across borders

QOA brings in seed round to do for chocolate what Oatly did for milk

Mozilla launches paid subscriptions to its Developer Network

Terra Quantum raises 60M for its QuantumasaService platform

Planetary wants to help food startups brew up more fake meat

US blames China for Exchange server hacks and ransomware attacks

Startups Weekly: Squads screenshares and Slacks swastika

Planted gets 72M to put whole cuts of vegan chicken on Europes menu

Five Seasons Ventures pulls in 180M fund to tackle human health and climate via FoodTech

Mapping drone startup Wingtra is charting a new future after landing 22M

ProtonMail buys email alias startup SimpleLogin

Proxeus wants to be the WordPress of blockchain

REGENHU Unveils New Bioprinters Software and More to Revamp Business

UK eyeing switch to AppleGoogle API for coronavirus contacts tracing report

Can everdrop scale its plasticbottlefree cleaning products as well as build a global brand

Everledgers Kemp and OmiseGOs Hasegawa join TC Blockchain

Marc Thurner Launches mimiX Biotherapeutics to Bioprint in the OR Using Sound

Ascentos robots aid overstretched security guards

LaserBased 3D Printing Used to Fabricate Tiny Microstructures for Tissue Repair

Swiss Hospital Will Use axial3Ds Software Platform to Improve Patient Care with 3D Printed Medical Models

Typewise taps 1M to build an offline next word prediction engine

New leadership for biotechnology company regenHU

Solar rooftile and energy startup SunRoof closes 45M led by Inovo Venture Partners

Cybersecurity company Acronis hits unicorn status after raising 147 million led by Goldman Sachs

Swiss Post acquires e2e encrypted cloud services provider Tresorit

Congressional testimony reveals some faults in Facebooks digital currency plans

Deliverect raises 150M at a 14B valuation to streamline online and offline food orders

Bumble makes its first acquisition with deal for French Gen Z dating app Fruitz

Sintratec: Hybrid Materials Laboratory Case Study Focuses on Porous Ceramic Structures