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Microsoft releases Visual Studio dev kit for Ethereum dapps

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Every single tech stock in the SP 500 index got rekt on Monday

Ohio tech funds to pump over 100M into blockchain startups

Paradigm invests in Solana wallet app Phantom at 12 billion valuation

Goldman Sachs VP predicts Bitcoin could soon hit 8000

Super Bowl ads boosted crypto app downloads by 279 led by Coinbase

Blockchain cant compress files from 2GB to 20KB thats impossible

TechCrunch roundup: Psychedelic biotech Gogoros SPAC H1Bs for Ukrainians

Researchers continue to find vulnerabilities in 9 billion cryptocurrency EOS

Washington state launches center to cater to and potentially regulate crypto and fintech companies

Florida teen arrested as mastermind behind Twitter BitCon that targeted Gates Bezos and others

Trump just shat on 46M Bitcoin HODLers Good luck in 2024

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Policemen in India arrested for extorting 200 Bitcoin from a businessman

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Moxie Marlinspike is leaving Signal

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Microsoft engineer allegedly used Bitcoin mixers to hide 10M gift card fraud gets fired

Bitcoin Cash ABC update exposes potentially catastrophic vulnerability

Hackers pocketed 878000 from cryptocurrency bug bounties in 2018

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