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Amazon asks court to block former AWS marketing VP from working on Google Cloud Next speeches

Judge blocks Microsoft from working on Pentagons 10B JEDI contract pending Amazons lawsuit

Tech Moves: Amazon ad exec departs PwC Labs hires director AI2 names entrepreneurinresidence

F5 Networks and Amazon Web Services team up in cloud partnership of Seattle tech giants

TLDR: Trumps war on Amazon continues Seattles restaurant robot AIpowered horse monitoring Seattles restaurant robot

DHS moving biometric screening system to Amazon Web Services amid debate over government tech

Why this top Amazon exec just placed a bet on a future Seattle NHL franchise

Google CEO confirms Target as big cloud customer continuing retail defections from AWS

As Amazons Spheres near opening day website launches to showcase unique Seattle structures

Startup launches innovative new product that pays Amazon marketplace sellers daily

Amazons Project Kuiper confirms its superfast satellite communication tech works in space

Amazon Web Services reveals a public road map for its cloud container services

Amazon is killing its Alexaconnected Cloud Cam will replace customers dead devices with a Blink Mini

TLDR: Amazon crushes profit expectations Trump targets Twitter in a tweet Lego Hogwarts Castle

Azure vs AWS for startups: Microsofts top marketing exec explains its strategy in the cloud

Venture investors and startup execs say they dont need Elizabeth Warren to defend them from big tech

Why Amazon got smacked by Ricky Gervais Golden Globes jab at Apple over labor practices

For the first time Amazon is hiring its own drivers as seasonal employees to help deliver packages

Amazon introduces 35 Fire TV Blaster to enhance voice control of TVs and entertainment systems

Hundreds of exposed Amazon cloud backups found leaking sensitive data

Tech Moves: Amazon hires former Washington state senator RealSelf names two editorial leaders and more

Amazons palmscanning payment tech will now be able to verify ages too

Amazons Ring unveils updated video doorbell with improved security features and new solar charger

In letter to Congress Apple sends strongest denial over spy chip story

Life after logistics

Amazons new tools for thirdparty developers will put Alexa on even more screens

India eyes a seat at the global MA table

Amazon signals big ambitions for automobiles with expanded presence at CES

Cleveland offered 120 million in freebies lure Amazon to the city

Report: Legendary horse racing broadcaster suing Amazon over Down the Stretch They Come Tshirt

Amazon JPMorgan Chase and Berkshire Hathaway to form their own healthcare tech company

Punt or go for it AWS latest analytics for NFL helps fans secondguess 4th down play calls

Handson with Amazon Go: We tested the tech giants experiment in checkoutfree retail

White House cybersecurity summit to include Amazons Andy Jassy Microsofts Satya Nadella

One of Amazons earliest investors has this advice for the winning HQ2 city

Vertical market networks effective startup names Libra Carbon and Sidewalk Labs

Profishop banks 35M from Tiger Global for its just in time B2B supply storefront

Amazon elevates two more execs to its senior leadership team under new CEO Andy Jassy

Microsoft and Amazon begin public rollout of first AlexaCortana integrations promise more to come

Amazon vets raise 164M for Skilljar aim to help companies educate customers about their products

By land and by air Amazon delivery hardware takes on a new look in truck and plane photos

Google brings YouTube back to Amazon Fire TV as promised but not to rivals Echo Show

Rightbot which is developing robots to unload freight lands investment from Amazon

Amazon Web Services MaiLan Tomsen Bukovec is preparing for a future in which data lives forever

Amazons tech is headed to millions of Stellantis vehicles in 2024

Former Microsoft Research chief Rick Rashid on the rise of invisible tech robotics AI and Pittsburgh

Pentagon cancels 10 billion JEDI cloud contract after long feud between Amazon and Microsoft

These leaders are coming to Robotics AI on March 3 Why arent you

Hey Google come back later: Search giants CES booth unveiling washed out due to heavy rain

Amazon exec Dave Stephenson tapped to lead Airbnb to the public markets