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Twitter endorses the Honest Ads Act a bill promoting political ad transparency

Bipartisan Senate investigation urges more aggressive action against Chinese telecoms

At social media hearing lawmakers circle algorithmfocused Section 230 reform

Kamala Harris wants to quadruple the US Digital Service budget and bring it to states

Heres how Manchin and Schumers surprise 725page bill could boost climate tech

On Russia tech doesnt know what it doesnt know

The next big tech hearing is scheduled for October 28

TikTok claims its not collecting US users biometric data despite what privacy policy says

Twitter introduces a new label that allows the good bots to identify themselves

Facebook Twitter and Google cant say how farreaching Russian political influence is on their platforms

Days after mob overruns US Capitol Twitter permanently suspends account of President Trump

That big climate bill might actually make a difference

The Green New Deal is long on vision short on details and a potential windfall for startups

Apple downplays complaints about App Store scams in antitrust hearing

SEC issues statement on past weeks turbulent market activity prompted by Redditfueled GameStop run

What the growing federal focus on ESG means for private markets

Why a bipartisan embrace of crypto might never extend to Bitcoin

Senate study proposes at least 32B yearly for AI programs

US intelligence bill takes aim at commercial spyware makers

Venture investors shrug at proposed changes to US carried interest taxation

Section 230 barely rates a mention in Senates hasty preelection flogging of tech CEOs

Amazon warns onerous privacy regulations could hinder innovation in Senate hearing

Senate hearing with five social media CEOs was a missed opportunity

Sen Wyden proposes limits on exportation of Americans personal data

US government agencies bought Chinese surveillance tech despite federal ban

TikTok saw a rise in government demands for user data

Is Americas national security Facebook and Googles problem

Alphabet Apple Amazon and Facebook are in the crosshairs of the FTC and DOJ

An app developers lawsuit over rejections and scammers is allowed to proceed judge rules

To curb lobbying power Elizabeth Warren wants to reinstate the Office of Technology Assessment

In Senate hearing tech giants push lawmakers for federal privacy rules

As mob overruns US Capitol some direct anger at tech platforms and Twitter locks Trumps account

Facebook is weaponizing security to erode privacy

Senate Intel committee calls on Facebook to release Russian ads

Homeland Security establishes the Cyber Safety Review Board to learn the mistakes from past cyber incidents

Zuckerberg will also testify before the Senate

CFIUS Cometh: What this Obscure Agency Does and Why It Matters to Your Fund or Startup

The Station: Lucid Motors spy shot and the birth of an AV startup

Massachusetts governor wont sign police reform bill with facial recognition ban

Heres how Russia targeted its fake Facebook ads and how those ads performed

Apple and Google will both attend Senate hearing on app store competition

Republican antitrust bill would block all big tech acquisitions

The first big tech antitrust bill lumbers toward reality

How to watch Facebook and Twitters big hearings with Congress

Apple ATT Amazon Google among tech giants called to Senate Commerce Committee

A Senate proposal for a new US agency to protect Americans data is back

Tech antitrust crusader Lina Khan is confirmed as FTC commissioner

Despite objection Congress passes bill that lets US authorities shoot down private drones

An LAled publicprivate partnership pitches a 150B green infrastructure package to Congress

Decrypted: No warrants for web data UK grid cyberattack CyberArk buys Idaptive