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HarvardMIT initiative grants 750K to projects looking to keep tech accountable

On the Internet of Women with Moira Weigel

YCbacked Upsolve is automating bankruptcy for everyone

Now showing: Seattles historic Harvard Exit looks to fill coworking space after years as movie theater

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Shark Skin 3D Printing and Aerodynamics

Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes calls for Facebook to be broken up

Eigen nabs 37M to help banks and others parse huge documents using natural language and small data

Researchers Develop Multimaterial Voxel3D Printing Method For More Direct Data to Object Translation

5 User Testing Mistakes That Even Experienced Startups Make

Starting with data centers Carbon Relay is slashing energy costs and emissions using AI

Empathy technologies like VR AR and social media can transform education

Facebook hired a forensics firm to investigate Cambridge Analytica as stock falls 7

DNA Script picks up 385 million to make DNA production faster and simpler

Part fund part accelerator Contrary Capital invests in student entrepreneurs

Amazon fuels Harvard hospitals machine learning research program

Verbit raises 23M for its transcription service

The rise of the new crypto mafias

A crazycool new printer could change the way we print human tissue

Cervest raises 37M for Earth Science AI platform to predict climate effects

Taali takes its popped water lily snacks from Y Combinator to the world

How to think about inclusion in tech with Chanda PrescodWeinstein Part 2

Wyss Institute Researchers Create a Fast Multimaterial 3D Printer

3D Printing May Be the Key to Affordable Data Storage Using DNA

Biotech researchers venture into the wild to start their own business

Beyond costs what else can we do to make housing affordable

Why AI needs more social workers with Columbia Universitys Desmond Patton

Using AI to improve dentistry VideaHealth gets a 54 million polish

Your vegetables are going to be picked by robots sooner than you think

Providing supplemental educational videos online nets Osmosis 4 million

XGenomes is bringing DNA sequencing to the masses

The alumni of these universities raised the most VC in the past year

3D Printed Fashion: APEX Coat and Handbag Exhibited at GEs Industry in 3D

Here is where CEOs of heavily funded startups went to school

3D Printed Vascular Patches with Patterned Channels Used to Grow Organized Blood Vessels in Mice

BitmapBased 3D Printing to Create Highly Detailed Anatomical Models

Inside the payforpost ICO industry

Boston gets a new biotech accelerator with the launch of Petri

Childrens Hospital in Argentina Finally Gets 3D Printed Presurgical Models

Silicon Valleys competing philosophies on tech ethics with The New Yorkers Andrew Marantz

Crunch Report Founder David Karp Is Leaving Tumblr

YCbacked Playbook wants students to make plans online hang out offline

Researchers 3D Print a New Variety of Zinc Ion Battery Shapes for Wearable Devices

Alumni Ventures Group is the most active venture fund youve never heard of

Researchers Develop New Rotational 3D Printing Method

uBiome is jumping into therapeutics with a healthy 83 million in Series C financing