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Alibaba to help Salesforce localize and sell in China

TLDR: Amazon stock hits 2K Microsofts new parental leave policy Google debunks Trump video

Flighthailing startup Blackbird raises 10 million to replace driving with flying

Corporations and private investors are backing new green deals as climate worries mount

Trump ragetweets Google alleging search bias

Clinton and Trump were both offered data from Facebook Only one jumped at the chance

Instagram will label 8216False Information8217 on misleading posts

Flybits nabs 35M to build consumer recommendation engines for the financial sector

Elizabeth Warren goes after Big Tech where they live with San Francisco billboard

Apple products under pricing pressure as new 15 tariffs drop Sunday

Cambridge Analyticas Nix said it licensed millions of data points from Acxiom Experian Infogroup to target US voters

President Bolsonaro should boost Brazils entrepreneurial ecosystem

Polish bank begins using a blockchainbased document management system

Ondemand trucking app Convoy raises 185M at 1B valuation

The Wing poaches Snaps comms director

Obama ditched BlackBerry but his new device isnt exactly a smart phone

Startups Weekly: Whats up with YC Plus mobility layoffs and Airbnbs grand plans

GoPro to license camera lenses and sensors to third party manufacturers

Tech stocks tumble as China retaliates in latest salvo of the trade war

UK government invests 194M to commercialize quantum computing

Fake news inquiry calls for social media levy to defend democracy

Canoo the electric vehicle startup formed from Faraday Futures ashes seeks 200 million

Trump wants to just tariff the hell out of China

Solar project lending startup Wunder Capital raises 112 million as renewable energy shines

Breaking down Frances new 76M Africa startup fund

Team TUM wins SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition with record 288 mph top speed

MallforAfrica goes global Kobo360 and Sokowatch raise VC France explains its 76M fund

Flying taxi startup Blade is helping Silicon Valley CEOs bypass traffic

Grab plans to raise 2B more this year to fund an acquisition spree in Southeast Asia

I cannot stand losing: Washington AG Bob Ferguson on never underestimating Donald Trump

The next great debate will be about the role of tech in society and government

Artificial intelligence can contribute to a safer world

President Trump wakes up Googles himself and threatens to look into search giants rigged results

Trump thanks Apples Tim Cook for jobs expansion but wheres the love for Jeff Bezos and HQ2

How the trade war with China hit Ubers public offering

Nigerias CcHub acquires Kenyas iHub to create mega Africa incubator

Its time to disrupt nuclear weapons

TLDR: Trump vs Google minority students in AP computer science rare computer headed to auction

Showing the power of startup womens health brands PG buys This is L

Broadening education investments to fullstack solutions

This was a test: President Trump messages millions using emergency alert system

Facebook refuses to disclose chuck Chequers Brexit advertiser to UK parliament

Amazon expands Transparency anticounterfeit codes to Europe India and Canada

Russian hacked at least one Florida county prior to 2016 election

Chilling effects

How Carl Pope helped drive a 500 million pledge to push the US Beyond Carbon Part 2

ZTE hit with 2year monitoring extension after breaking probation terms

Zoom addresses CFOs past workplace conduct ahead of IPO

Warung Pintar raises 275M to digitize Indonesias street vendors

The Knight Foundation launches 750000 initiative for immersive technology for the arts