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Atlassian acquires Halp to bring Slack integration to the forefront

As SaaS stocks set new records Atlassians earnings show theres still room to grow

5 metrics Series A investors look for at dev tools startups

Atlassian acquires Code Barrel makers of Automation for Jira

Clubhouse announces new collaboration tool and free version of its project management platform

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How Roblox avoided the gaming graveyard and grew into a 25B company

Sydneys AirTree Ventures closes 275M fund as Aussie unicorns gather pace

Baseten nabs 20M to make it easier to build machine learningbased applications

5 metrics Series A investors look for at devtools startups

InVision announces new integrations with Jira

Redis Labs raises a 60M Series E round

In its first funding in 7 years profitable fintech Lower raises 100M Series A led by Accel

5 ways to improve mental health for software developers

Visual collaboration company Miro valued at 175B following 400M in new funding

48hour buyonegetone free TC Sessions: Enterprise 2019

Lateblooming startups can still thrive

Announcing the agenda for TC Sessions: Enterprise San Francisco September 5

Akooda is using AI to help companies understand their business with fewer meetings

Atlassian launches a 50M venture fund to invest in its ecosystem

Widespread outage at Amazon Web Services US East region takes down Alexa Atlassian developer tools

72 hours left on earlybird pricing to TC Sessions: Enterprise 2019

Investors have flipped their weighting of growth versus profitability

GraphQL developer platform Hasura raises 100M Series C

Atlassian acquires PerceptAI

Atlassian acquires AgileCraft for 166M

Atlassians coCEO Scott Farquhar will join us at TC Sessions: Enterprise

Atlassian cuts 5 of its workforce

Richtext editing platform Tiny raises 4M launches file management service

Demo your startup at TC Sessions: Enterprise 2019

Atlassian CTO: We were late moving to the cloud on the ball with AI

Kubernetes development platform Okteto raises 15M Series A

3 questions to ask before adopting microservice architecture

LaunchNotes raises a 18M seed round to help companies communicate their software updates

Design may be the next entrepreneurial gold rush

London fails to retain Atlassian as it heads Stateside in search of a broader set of investors

Atlassian is on one heck of a run

JXL turns Jira into spreadsheets

Walmart acquires design tool Botmock as its invests in shopping by voice and text

Spinachio wants to help agile engineering teams run better online meetings

HYCU locks down additional funding to grow its cloud data protection business

Atlassian cofounder and coCEO Mike CannonBrookes is coming to Disrupt SF 2020

How we scaled our startup by being remote first

Slack acquires tech behind Atlassians Stride and Hipchat tools companies will work together on migrating customers

SaaS stocks drop over 8 reaching bearmarket territory

Google turns on integrations with popular services like Box Dropbox and others in Gmail

InVision deepens integrations with Atlassian