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Taiwan needs to find its own groove: a plea to the next president

Source raises 25 million to expand its platform for commercial design nationwide

African fintech startup Chipper Cash raises 30M backed by Jeff Bezos

Presage Biosciences raises 6M for technology to test new cancer drugs appoints new CEO

Employee benefits startup Swile expects to become profitable next quarter

Macron convinces UK nuclear startup to build its first factory in France

Palantirs concentrated governance is great for execs but what about shareholders

What happens when a Black founder is ousted

Daily Crunch: Ransomware group threatens to release Nvidias most closely guarded secrets

Is YC turning into a kind of fight club

Stockeld Dreamery loves cheese so much that it raised 20M to make it out of legumes

SingleStore raises 30M more to bring its database tech to new customers

Productsup raises 70M to help retailers navigate sales strategies in the choppy world of ecommerce

Future launches 150mo exercise app where real coaches nag you

Slope takes in first capital with visions of being Stripe for global B2B payments

Ably launches popup store to bring hightech innovation to everyday fashion

Cobaltio pentesting service brings wizardlike setup to platform

1Doc3 a Colombian telemedicine startup raises 3 million

The Station: Elons Tesla share sale Ford teases a second EV truck and GMs Cruise spending ramps

Madrona Venture Labs spinout Uplevel raises 75M to measure engineering teams productivity

Lilium raises another 240M to design test and run an electric aircraft taxi service

Nothing teases phone 1 design ahead of next months launch

Revolut partners with Flagstone to offer savings vaults in the UK

Drone startup launches grocery delivery in Germany

Conversa Health raises 12M Series B for its digital health platform

Uptycs lands 30M Series B to keep building security analytics platform

GitLab hauls in 268M Series E on 275B valuation

Course Hero a profitable edtech unicorn raises rare cash

The FDA proposes further restrictions to sales of flavored ecig products

An hard look at token sale mania by an true insider

GitLab hauls in 268M Series E on 2768B valuation

Founders: Connect with influential movers and shippers at TC Sessions: Mobility 2022

Reflect brings data visualization to HR teams

Grandson of Jonas Salk raises cash to find genetic needles in the haystack

What Canva CEO Melanie Perkins looks for in a potential acquisition

Earthmover to bring petascale data tools to climate tech with 17M preseed

Everything you need to know to make a great startup pitch deck

Urban Massage rebrands to Urban as it launches wellness services beyond massage

Pitch Deck Teardown: Lumigos 29M Series A deck

Coast Runner launching a 2400 CNC mill soon

CodeStream lets you collaborate and talk directly in VS Code

Heres one venture capital metric where Seattle actually beats Silicon Valley

The price is right Pace raises 25M to automate hotel room pricing based on demand

Google takes aim at medtech for Launchpad Studios first batch of AIfocused startups

Daily Crunch: Silicon Valley Bank goes bust regulators take control of 175B in deposits

NextView Ventures is launching a remote accelerator for startups

As a founder how do you address climate change

Here are the fintech startups that could go public in 2024

Forges SPAC deal is a bet on unicorn illiquidity

Firefly Aerospace signs customer Spaceflight for Alpha rocket launch in 2021