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Mio raises 87M Series A to make enterprise messaging interoperable

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Slack raises massive 427M round valuation skyrockets to 71B as it battles Microsoft Teams

Microsoft adds Slack to official list of Office rivals as workplace collaboration wars escalate

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Ditto raises 15 million to help teams collaborate on copy

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Lounges new app aims to reimagine the office for the remote work era

Against the Slacklash

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Slack backs Videowises approach to creating interactive shoppable videos

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Microsoft Teams usage passes Slack in new survey IT pros expect its presence to double by 2020

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Pylon wants to make it easier to manage B2B conversations in Slack

Twitter now lets you pin up to 6 DM conversations

Floworks is building an AI assistant to change how workers interact with software

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Regulators reportedly probe Slacks New York Stock Exchange debut as part of broader IPO inquiry

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Slack cofounder Cal Henderson and Spark Capitals Megan Quinn are coming to Disrupt SF

Glean aims to help employees surface info across sprawling enterprise systems

Slack adds app building tools as productivity arms race with Microsoft Teams continues

CTOais developer shortcuts eliminate coding busywork

Its not just you: The freemium bar is shifting

Slite looks to build a new smarter notes tool for internal teams

Momentum announces 5M seed to automate sales tasks in Slack

Equity transcribed: Slacks IPO the VCs behind Facebook Libra founder salaries and trouble in scooterland

An unsurprising wave of videofocused startups is trying to make video calls better

Hone raises 30M to grow its corporate learning platofrm

No Slack for you Microsoft puts rival app on internal list of prohibited and discouraged software

Courier lands 35M to build a service for app notifications

Yac is reinventing voicemail for the Slack generation

Workplace messaging platform Slack has confidentially filed to go public

DoControl raises 30M for nocode security tools for cloud app logins

Slack and Atlassian deepen their partnership with deeper integrations

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Salesforce discloses Tableau results for first time since 157B deal offering new Slack clues