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Daily Crunch: SF bans agencies from using facial recognition tech

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Dragonfly ethics and infrastructure spending

Pi Day wasnt pleasant for a lot of tech execs

How far are you willing to go for growth

TLDR: Microsoft Green Bay Packers win fight over domain name

TLDR: Video game addiction Ofo on naked bike riding Echo Look review unboxing

Daily Crunch: Facebook acquires a neural monitoring startup

TLDR: Get packages delivered to your car iPhonebased stethoscope Adventureman visits Microsoft

TLDR on location: Prime Day breaks record Bill Gates invests in Alzheimers initiative Wanderlust Society

Founder salaries diversity tactics fintech roboadvisors and startups improving mental health

TLDR: Safest helmets in football Supreme Court the future of online shopping 2018 Halo World Championship

Crunch Report South Korea Announces New Cryptocurrency Regulations

TLDR: Amazon and Best Buy are BFFs TMobiles military hiring push Walk it out with Rover

Crunch Report MoviePass pulls out of 10 AMC theaters

TLDR: New CEO of Amazons joint health venture Dolly sues WA state Gates Buffett and candy

NVIDIA and OpenAIs capped returns

Daily Crunch: Imgur launches an app for gaming memes

TLDR: Trumps war on Amazon continues Seattles restaurant robot AIpowered horse monitoring Seattles restaurant robot

Crunch Report A Telegram ICO Would Be Huge

TLDR: MLB commentary with robots flying cars facial recognition in schools

TLDR:Microsoft responds to separation of families at the border Alexa targets hotels GameStops potential buyout

Crunch Report Bitcoin Passes 5000

Daily Crunch: Facebook acquires a cloud gaming startup

TLDR: Microsofts Ability Summit Amazons 4th pillar testing out Getaround

Crunch Report Amazons New Cloud Cam and Key

Indias entrepreneurial future

TLDR: Play Impossibles deals with Apple NFLPA Chrome extension for Craigslist scams US immigration policy tech

TLDR: Amazon crushes profit expectations Trump targets Twitter in a tweet Lego Hogwarts Castle

Crunch Report TBH Facebook Bought TBH So Snap Couldnt

SexTech Kobalt sales efficiency philanthropy and ethics Brexit and startup growth tactics

Daily Crunch: DoorDash acquires Scotty Labs

TLDR: Will Scener reinvent TV

Crunch Report Razer Looks to Raise 550 Million in Hong Kong IPO

TLDR: Amazon unveils Alexaenabled microwave

Crunch Report GoPro Cuts 200300 Jobs

Who are the next billion users and what do they want

Daily Crunch: Render wins the Startup Battlefield

TLDR: Microsoft unveils Project xCloud game streaming service

Bill Gates engages in potty talk with The Daily Show as he explains need to reinvent the toilet

Catch up on some sleep with these sleeping earbuds that are on sale

Crunch Report MoneyGrams Sale to Alibaba Blocked by US Government

Crunch Report Cyber Monday Results

Daily Crunch: Goldman Sachs calls for diverse boards

TLDR Editors Picks: The state of the tech economy from Seattle to Wall Street and beyond

Crunch Report Cisco Buys BroadSoft for 19 Billion

TLDR: Instagrams cofounders are leaving the company

Crunch Report CNN shuts down Casey Neistats Beme

HealthTech VCs fundraising in August reducing churn North and coops as startups

TLDR: US tech companies are hiring more foreign workers Amazon reveals Prime membership numbers Marvel at MoPOP