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TLDR: How Europes new privacy law affects US tech companies Getaround expands to Seattle float above Seattle on the Space Needle

Daily Crunch: Apple upgrades the keyboard on the 13inch MacBook Pro

TLDR: Using drones to analyze vineyards tech giants team up to tackle Seattle issues Amazon leases Expedia HQ tower

TLDR: LA Clippers Steve Ballmer unveil augmented reality NBA experience

Crunch Report Twitter Bans Two Russian Companies from Advertising

Daily Crunch: Stocks plummet after travel ban

Daily Distraction: Let go of stress with these free meditation sessions

How will digital media survive the ad crash

Dailyco raises 46M video chat API service

TLDR: Apple announces a new watch that could save your life

TLDR: US tech companies are hiring more foreign workers Amazon reveals Prime membership numbers Marvel at MoPOP

Daily Crunch: Magic Leap gets a new CEO

Daily Crunch: AR startup Daqri is shutting down

TLDR: MLBs streaming deal with Facebook diversity on Amazons board PicoBrew

TLDR: Will Scener reinvent TV

Daily Crunch: Target acquires Delivs delivery tech

Crunch Report Steve Wozniak Launches Education Platform

TLDR: Amazon shareholders meeting Valve removes school shooting game new Pokemon products

TLDR: Buy food and drinks with just a fingerprint Seattles complex history of urban internet access TMobiles tech truck

TLDR: GeekWire Summit Highlights Gates Foundation Redfin Ring

Daily Crunch: Behold The TechCrunch List

TLDR: Amazon ends warehouse worker bonuses stock awards

Crunch Report Google and Tencent ink patent agreement

TLDR: Safest helmets in football Supreme Court the future of online shopping 2018 Halo World Championship

TLDR:Microsoft responds to separation of families at the border Alexa targets hotels GameStops potential buyout

Crunch Report South Korea Announces New Cryptocurrency Regulations

Building brands on Amazon investing in customer success quantum computing and virtual reality

Crunch Report Amazon JPMorgan and Berkshire Hathaway are building a healthcare company

Bill Gates engages in potty talk with The Daily Show as he explains need to reinvent the toilet

Crunch Report HQ Trivia New App from Vine Founders

TLDR: Walmarts tech transformation Seattle median home price climbs to 820K a vegan burger that bleeds

TLDR: Are thirdparty sellers paying Amazon employees to delete negative reviews

Daily Crunch: Facebook employees walk out virtually

TLDR: Judge rules Trump cant block critics on Twitter backyard cottages urban housing crisis Russell Wilsons new show on TraceMe

TLDR: Remembering Paul Allen

TLDR: Trumps new tariff on ebikes scooters Seattle real estate cools down Microsoft software developer competes for Miss America

Crunch Report Jimmy Iovine is not leaving Apple

TLDR: How WNBA Star Sue Bird uses tech to beat her competition at 37 years old

TLDR: Microsoft unveils Project xCloud game streaming service

TLDR: Instagrams cofounders are leaving the company

Crunch Report Sequoia Capitals Next Fund Could Be 5 Billion

Mux raises 37M Series C as its APIbased video streaming service scales

Africa: more gazelles at home than unicorn IPOs abroad

Daily Crunch: Netflix sets some content free

TLDR: Uber CEO says selfdriving cars will be safer than humans ESPNs new streaming service RED iPhones

Crunch Report Bitcoin Passes 5000

Getaround Facebook AI chips Nvidia Africa and immigration

Crunch Report MoneyGrams Sale to Alibaba Blocked by US Government

Daily Crunch: SpaceXs crewed spacecraft successfully launches and docks

TLDR: Elon Musk gets emotional at Teslas shareholder meeting Microsofts underwater data center Amazons 200 Echo Look