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Unionai raises 10M to simplify AI and ML workflow orchestration

A look at some of the AI and ML expert speakers at the iMerit ML DataOps Summit

Taiwanbased MLOps startup InfuseAI raises 43M Series A led by Wistron Corporation

Iterative launches MLEM an opensource tool to simplify ML model deployment

Tecton raises 100M proving that the MLOps market is still hot

Galileo emerges from stealth to streamline AI model development

MLOps startup Comet nabs 50M Series B just six months after raising its A

AI platform Continual raises 145M Series A and comes out of beta

LastMile AI closes 10M seed round to operationalize AI models

Ladies and gentlemen: The dregs of the SPAC boom

Arize lands 38M to grow its MLOps platform for the enterprise

Arrikto raises 10M for its MLOps platform

Deepset secures 30M to expand its LLMfocused MLOps offerings

WhyLabs raises 10M Series A for its AI observability platform

FedML raises 115 to combine MLOps tools with a decentralized AI compute network

Modular closes 30 million seed round to simplify the process of developing AI systems

TechCrunch roundup: 5 pitch deck slides to fix initial viable product MLOps acceleration

Clika is building a platform to make AI models run faster

WhyLabs brings more transparancy to ML ops

15 sectors pi Ventures expects deep tech to disrupt in the next 5 years

Weights Biases which counts OpenAI as a customer lands 50M

Gridai rebrands as Lightning AI raises 40M to expand its AI dev tools

Qwak raises 12M for its MLOps platform

Heres where MLOps is accelerating enterprise AI adoption

Gantry launches out of stealth to help data scientists keep AI models fresh

Diveplane lands 25M to grow its MLOps platform

MLOps platform Galileo lands 18M to launch a free service

Weights Biases raises 135M Series C to keep building MLOps software

Investors flock to fund an AI cornerstone: Feature stores