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3D Printed Vascular Patches with Patterned Channels Used to Grow Organized Blood Vessels in Mice

Boeing HorizonX invests in Berkeley aerospace battery tech startup

Audi Mobileye Waymo other top automakers unite to spread the selfdriving gospel

Lumineye helps first responders identify people through walls

Nowports raises 53 million to become Latin Americas digital shipping answer to Flexport

Part fund part accelerator Contrary Capital invests in student entrepreneurs

TechCrunch interview: Palo Alto author Malcolm Harris

Zoox cofounder Jesse Levinson is coming to TC Sessions: Mobility

Carnegie Mellons Andrew Moore to join Google Cloud as new head of AI later this year

Brazilian proptech startup QuintoAndar lands 300M at a 4B valuation

Moving deeper into enterprise cloud Intel picks up Barefoot Networks

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Stanford cryptography researchers are building Espresso a privacyfocused blockchain

La Haus is bringing US tech services to Latin Americas real estate market

Kensh Health publicly launches its antithesis of Goop

Quocom raises 72M seed round led by SignalFire to broaden access to mortgages

Injective Protocol raises 10M from Pantera Capital Mark Cuban for its DeFi Robinhood

The Stanford connections behind Latin Americas multibillion dollar startup renaissance

Immunai wants to map the entire immune system and raised 20 million in seed funding to do it

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Kensh Healthcare publicly launches its antithesis of Goop

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Bioprintings Investment Milestones of 2023