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Alto raises 40 million to help individuals make taxsavvy investments in assets like crypto and artwork

Keith Rabois BoxGroup back New Yorkbased Brex competitor

Leaked S1 says Palantir would fight an order demanding its encryption keys

Lindus Health a UK clinical trials startup backed by Peter Thiel raises 18M

Author Ryan Holiday on the nature of worldaltering success

Mithril Capital Management cofounded by Ajay Royan and Peter Thiel is leaving the Bay Area

The dinner that destroyed Gawker

How the Internet broke America with The New Yorkers Andrew Marantz

Peter Thielbacked auto commerce startup Drive Motors has a new name and 5M in capital

Recent departures hint at turmoil at Quartet Health a mental health startup backed by GV

First we SPAC then we take down AWS

Cyclefocused femtech startup 28 grabs backing from Thiel Capital

Less than 1 year after launching its corporate card for startups Brex eyes 2B valuation

Finding free money for your social impact startup

S3 Ventures Tacora close on new funds to boost Austin startups

Palmer Luckeys new defense company Anduril looks interested in AR and VR on the battlefield

TLDR: Nest secretly buys digital health startup

Bitcoins bid to become the one chain to rule them all

Decrypted: As tech giants rally against Hong Kong security law Apple holds out

137 Ventures raises 210M to give liquidity to startup employees

Clearview said its facial recognition app was only for law enforcement as it courted private companies

Peter Thiel backs electronics marketplace PriceOye in maiden Pakistan investment

Mentio wants to help your team make decisions

Dont worry about VCs returns if you can exit your startup early

Palmer Luckey political martyr

Hallow a religious app for Catholics talks the talk as religious platforms draw investor attention

Meet the Texas startup that wants to decarbonize the chemical industry

Being a child actress prepared me for a career in venture capital

Peter Thielfounded Valar Ventures raised a 300 million fund half the size of its last one

Summersalt raises 6M for its directtoconsumer line of ecofriendly swimsuits

Olsam raises 165M to buy up and scale consumer and B2B Amazon Marketplace sellers

Founders Fund confirms 3 billion in new capital across two funds

Should Mark Zuckerberg be scared of Peter Thiel

Longevity startup Longevica plans to launch supplements based on longterm research

One of the youngest fund managers in the US just launched her own accelerator too

VCs say Silicon Valley isnt the gold mine it used to be

How the 22yearold founders of Brex built a billiondollar business in less than 2 years

Palantir will soon help the FDA evaluate drugs including COVID19 treatments

Trading platform Bitpanda raises 263M at a 41BN valuation

In its 4th revision to the SEC Palantir tries to explain what the hell is going on

Journey Clinical raises 3M to allow psychotherapists to prescribe psychedelics

As direct listing looms Palantir insiders are accelerating stock sales

Longevity startup Gero AI has a mobile API for quantifying health changes

Brex the credit card for startups raises 100M debt round

Forge acquires IRA Services to expand offering for private company shares

Distinguished VCs back wholesale marketplace Faire with 100M at a 535M valuation

Palantirs software was used for deportations documents show

Trump promotes Michael Kratsios to US Chief Technology Officer

The bullish case for Palantirs direct listing

Solo GP Nichole Wischoff raises 20M fund backed by Peter Thiel to invest in unsexy businesses