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Chinese crackdown on tech giants threatens its cloud market growth

Google details its approach to cloudnative security

Serverless Stack raises 1M for opensource application framework

AWS launches new services for the automotive industry

ARMO raises 30M to build an endtoend open source Kubernetes security platform

OctoML raises 85M for it for its machine learning acceleration platform

Antibot startup Kasada raises 7M in Series A from CIAs venture fund InQTel

CloudQuery raises 15M to demystify your cloud infrastructure setup

Microsoft Azure CTO Mark Russinovich will join us for TC Sessions: Enterprise on September 5

Echobot and Leadfeeder merge raise 190M in Euro sales tech consolidation play

Airbyte launches a hosted version of its integration platform

Coatue backs Kubecosts goal to supply data to millions of Kubernetes developers

AWS targets the energy industry with launch of the AWS Energy Competency Program

Quix raises 32M from Project A and others for its Stream centric approach to data

SaaS stocks survive earnings keeping the market warm for software startups exits

Whats next for Cloud Foundry

PlanetScale expands its database service with builtin performance monitoring and more

What does the new era of location intelligence hold for businesses

AWS partners with Kenyas Safaricom on cloud and consulting services

Pure Storage acquires data service platform Portworx for 370M

Microsoft wants you to build your next game in the cloud

VCs are betting big on Kubernetes: Here are 5 reasons why

Heres where MLOps is accelerating enterprise AI adoption

Microsoft launches deeper integrations between its data products

IBM acquires offensive security startup Randori to bolster its cybersecurity toolkit

Amazon quietly publishes its latest transparency report

AWS announces Panorama a device that adds machine learning technology to any camera

Were still just scratching the surface of the clouds potential

Platformasaservice startup Porter aims to become goto platform for deploying managing cloudbased apps

Gensyn applies a token to distributed computing for AI developers raises 65M

DigitalOcean enhances serverless capabilities with Nimbella acquisition

Grocery startup Mercato spilled years of data but didnt tell its customers

Amazon acquires flashbased cloud storage startup E8 Storage

Cloud providers default retention policies are not enough: You better back your SaaS up

Harness brings GitOps to its software delivery platform

Polyrize raises 4M for its nextgen authorization platform

AutoCloud raises 4M to commercialize its OSS cloud visualization service

Vendia raises 51M for its multicloud serverless platform

Lumigo raises 29M for its cloudnative application monitoring platform

Cloud Infrastructure Market by Products Market Competitive Situation Market Concentration Rate Market Expansion and Trends by 2020

ConductorOne raises 5M in seed round led by Accel to automate your access requests

Disaster recovery can be an effective way to ease into the cloud

Former Amazon exec gives Chinese firms a tool to fight cyber threats

AWS just cant catch a break

Eureka raises 8M for its data cloud security platform

Temporal raises 1875M for its microservices orchestration platform

Beem an app that lets you livestream yourself in AR raises 4 million

Why AWS is building tiny AI race cars to teach machine learning

DevOps market demand drives quick Series C turnaround for Esper

Rakuten Symphony acquires Kubernetes platform Robinio