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Adaptive Shield lands 30M Series A to build out its SaaS security platform

Mirantis acquires Lens an IDE for Kubernetes

Daily Crunch: EU US reach agreement in principle on transAtlantic data flows

Startups are helping cloud infrastructure customers avoid vendor lockin

DevOps market demand drives quick Series C turnaround for Esper

Platform as a service startup Porter aims to become goto for deploying managing cloudbased apps

Earlybird VC closes new 350M fund for Western European startups with a deeptech angle

Microsoft launches Windows 365

Microsoft launches deeper integrations between its data products

Enterprise software is hot who would have thought

Gensyn applies a token to distributed computing for AI developers raises 65M

AWS adds natural language search service for business intelligence from its data sets

Render secures 20M Series A to scale its DevOps cloud platform

Prophecy raises 25M for its lowcode data engineering platform

Cloud services provider DigitalOcean is laying off staff sources say 3050 affected

Google Cloud launches Vertex AI a new managed machine learning platform

Pulumi raises 375M Series B for its cloud engineering platform

Insight Partners leads 30M round into Metabase developing enterprise business intelligence tools

DigitalOcean enhances serverless capabilities with Nimbella acquisition

SaaS stocks survive earnings keeping the market warm for software startups exits

VMware acquires network security firm Lastline said to lay off 40 staff

Google Cloud gets more expensive

Pulumi launches version 30 of its infrastructureascode platform

Developers as you know do not like to pay for things

Beem an app that lets you livestream yourself in AR raises 4 million

Netlify acquires Quirrel

Quix raises 32M from Project A and others for its Stream centric approach to data

VCs are betting big on Kubernetes: Here are 5 reasons why

The cloud cant solve all your problems

PlanetScale expands its database service with builtin performance monitoring and more

Elastic acquisition spree continues as it acquires security startup CMD

CloudQuery raises 15M to demystify your cloud infrastructure setup

Astera Labs a fabless chip startup nabs 50M at a 950M valuation to remove bottlenecks in highbandwidth cloud applications

IBM Cloud suffers prolonged outage

Tech leaders can be the secret weapon for supercharging ESG goals

6 cloud trends to watch in 2022

Securityascode startup Jit comes out of stealth with 385M in seed funding

Pileus helps businesses cut their cloud spend

Why startups are better off prioritizing growth instead of optimizing cloud costs

Harness brings GitOps to its software delivery platform

F5 acquires cloud security startup Threat Stack for 68 million

Thought Machine closes 200M for its cloud native banking SaaS and becomes a unicorn

Heres where MLOps is accelerating enterprise AI adoption

AWS will buy a SaaS company and other 2022 enterprise predictions

TechCrunch roundup: PLG and enterprise sales SaaS pricing strategy OPT options

OctoML raises 85M for it for its machine learning acceleration platform

Vantage raises 4M to help businesses understand their AWS costs

SaaS future will be open sourced

Microsoft Azure CTO Mark Russinovich will join us for TC Sessions: Enterprise on September 5

NS1 brings opensource service NetBox to the cloud