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Labelbox raises 10 million for its services to support machine learning applications

This robotic basketball hoop makes any klutz shoot like Michael Jordan

Personalized nutrition startup Zoe closes out Series B at 53M total raise

Microsoft announces Syntex a set of automated document and data processing services

By automating code compliance UpCodes AI is the spellcheck for buildings

Drug discovery startup Recursion raises 60 million in Series B from Data Collective

UK startup Healx to begin clinical trial on repositioned drug for Fragile X syndrome

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Amazon joins Facebook and Microsoft in support of opensource AI platform

Ethics in the age of autonomous vehicles

Mixlab raises 20M to provide purrfect pharmacy experience for pet parents

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MIT musclecontrol system for drones lets a pilot use gestures for accurate and specific navigation

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Tech investors see bugs as a big business as nsect raises 125 million

Palo Alto Networks to acquire Demisto for 560M

Metas NPE team takes a global focus with seedstage investments offices in emerging markets

Sama taps into 70M to build first endtoend AI platform for training data

Bobidi launches to reward developers for testing companies AI models

AI chatbot maker Babylon Health attacks clinician in PR stunt after he goes public with safety concerns

AI job listings plummet as COVID19 recession appears imminent

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