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Volcopters fullyelectric autonomous manned multicopter is ridiculously cool

Alexa can now sound as depressed as you

Krisps smart noisecancelling gets official release and pricing

Dutch court orders Facebook to ban celebrity crypto scam ads after another lawsuit

Gamalon scores 20 M led by Intel Capital

Researchers teach Hearthstone bot to dominate Legend rank players

Tech experts agree its time to regulate artificial intelligence if only it were that simple

Londonbased Gyana raises 39M for a nocode approach to data science

Activitymonitoring startup Zensors repurposes its tech to help coronavirus response

Amazon is quietly doubling down on cryptographic security

Microsoft hopes enterprises will want to use Cortana

Sony patents AI soundtrack generator that adapts game music to your emotions

IBM rolls out deep learning as a service for AI developers

RankScience closes 18M seed and now only wants to replace human SEO staff if you dont have any

Presto raises 30M to bring its AI platform and tabletop ordering hardware to restaurant chains

Lightmatter aims to reinvent AIspecific chips with photonic computing and 11M in funding

Facial recognition tech put his life at risk Congress needs to act now

AI consulting startup Hypergiant brings on Bill Nye as an advisor

VCs bet on Aegis AI a startup using computer vision to detect guns

Good luck trying to crash this AIpowered smart drone

Hilarious robot revenge video parodies Boston Dynamics

Aurora VP Jinnah Hosein is coming to TC Sessions: Robotics AI

Oracle acquires DataFox a developer of predictive intelligence as a service across millions of company records

Chinese AI beats 15 doctors in tumor diagnosis competition

Technological solutions to technologys problems feature in How to Fix The Future

Researcher: Here are 5 things that scare me about AI

Microsoft wants to revolutionize MRIs with quantuminspired algorithms and HoloLens

See what AI really thinks of you with this deeply humbling website

Nexar gets 30M Series B for its AIbased road safety dashcams and network

Boston Dynamics makes 4legged robot Spot available for lease to developers

Is AI already conscious

How YouTubes bias algorithm hurts those looking for information on health

Europe is prepared to rule over 5G cybersecurity

Watch Google CEO Sundar Pichai testify in Congress on bias China and more

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The Station: Ponyai turns to delivery Kodiak cuts Lime snaps up Boosteds IP

All you need to know about symbolic artificial intelligence

YouTube faces brand freeze over ads and obscene comments on videos of kids

VCs to antitrust officials: Wed rather take our chances

Box acquires Butterai to make search smarter

Try this AI experiment that converts 2D images to 3D

Fears of AIpowered hacking are misplaced as criminals are doing fine without it

This site dares you to literally give a shit for science

US mobile bank MoneyLion raises 100 million at near unicorn valuation

Credit startup Migo expands to Brazil on 20M raise and Africa growth

This futuristic grocery store uses AI to notify employees when items run out

Hugging Face raises 4 million for its artificial BFF

Toyota partners with AI startup Preferred Networks on building helper robots for humans