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European Parliament backs ban on remote biometric surveillance

Shareholders pressure Amazon to stop selling facial recognition technology to law enforcement

Axon to add automatic license plate readers to police car systems

China can apparently now identify citizens based on the way they walk

Security lapse exposed Clearview AI source code

EUs data protection adviser latest to call for ban on tracking ads

ACLU sues Homeland Security over stingray cell phone surveillance

Google says geofence warrants make up onequarter of all US demands

Why your CSO not your CMO should pitch your security startup

Tech giants support New York ban on geofence and keyword search warrants

Tech industry continues push to shape federal facial recognition laws

Apples CSAM detection tech is under fire again

Seattle tech and business leaders form racial justice coalition demand police reforms

Hackers abuse chaotic Nomad exploit to drain almost 200M in crypto

Microsoft pitched its facial recognition tech to the DEA new emails show

US lawmakers want to restrict police use of Stingray cell tower simulators

Stingray cell phone surveillance devices may interfere with 911 calls senator says

US charges Kaseya hacker and seizes 6M from REvil ransomware gang

Pimloc grabs 75M to pitch more businesses on AIforprivacy video tools

Messenger upgrades its endtoend encrypted chat experience

Cloudflare expands its government warrant canaries

Apple reveals App Store takedown demands by governments

Add Craigslist to the tech platforms Russians used to manipulate the 2016 election

UK could force E2E encrypted platforms to do CSAMscanning

A free web tool can predict your hair skin and eye color from DNA data

Silicon Valley rallies behind New York ban on geofence and keyword search warrants

If you dont want robotic dogs patrolling the streets consider CCOPS legislation

Surprise delivery: Amazon HQ receives 150k signatures urging company to stop selling facial recognition software to cops

Apple says it will begin scanning iCloud Photos for child abuse images

Making policing more responsive Spidr Tech raises 25 million

Europe lays out plan for riskbased AI rules to boost trust and uptake

Global Law Enforcement Software Market Will Grow At A CAGR Of 512 During The Period 20172021

Daily Crunch: US law enforcement agencies take down identity theft marketplace

Los Angeles school district warns of disruption as it battles ongoing ransomware attack

This Week in Apps: Inapp events hit the App Store TikTok tries Stories Apple reveals new child safety plan

Decrypted: As tech giants rally against Hong Kong security law Apple holds out

Global chaos or just a click of the mouse Supreme Court set to hear Microsoft vs US in overseas customer data dispute

Tall Poppy aims to make online harassment protection an employee benefit

Controversial drone company Xtend leans into defense with new 40M round

Civil rights activists up in arms over Amazon update adding fear detection to facial recognition tech

Is Amazons facial recognition moratorium a victory for police reformers or just good PR

UK urgently needs new laws on use of biometrics warns review

The year the tide turned on ransomware

Amazon has fired an employee for leaking customer email addresses and phone numbers

Leaked S1 says Palantir would fight an order demanding its encryption keys

Microsoft Amazon Facebook and other tech giants pledge to crack down on violent extremism in Christchurch call to action

As the CLOUD Act sneaks into the omnibus big tech butts heads with privacy advocates

Microsoft taps Eric Holder to audit Israeli partner in demonstration of techs struggle to selfregulate

Axon rolls out police body cameras with livestreaming capability

Amazon disavows Mississippi police program that plans to use Ring cameras for realtime surveillance