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Column Tax announces 51M seed round to launch mobile taxprep products

Founded by Adyen and Affirm alums Ansa aims to help merchants create virtual wallets for customers

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Former Stitch Fix COO Julie Bornstein is rewriting the ecommerce playbook

Orum raises 56M to help speed up intrabank transfers

Alloy Automation Fiveable and Parthean founders discuss raising first dollars at TC Disrupt

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From bootstrapped to a 21B valuation ReCharge raises 227M for subscription management platform

The story behind Rent the Runways first check

VCs largest funds make big bets on vertical B2B marketplaces

Orum raises 56M to help speed up interbank transfers

Logistics and procurement on autopilot is the future Cofactr wants to live in

Data analytics startup StarTree secures cash to expand its Apache Pinotpowered platform

What Squares acquisition of Afterpay means for startups

Crusoe Energy is tackling energy use for cryptocurrencies and data centers and greenhouse gas emissions

Newly funded Legacy a sperm testing and freezing service conveys a message to men: get checked

Embedded finance or why fintech mega VC rounds have become so common

Attend Ajay Agarwals TechCrunch Early Stage roundtable to hear his advice to earlystage software companies

Tecton raises 100M proving that the MLOps market is still hot

Londonbased Fidel API lands 65M in Series B funding proving fintech infrastructure is hotter than ever

Contextual AI launches from stealth to build enterprisefocused language models

Grid AI raises 186M Series A to help AI researchers and engineers bring their models to production

Meet the judges for the Minneapolis Minn TechCrunch Live pitchoff

Where top VCs are investing in open source and dev tools Part 2 of 2

JupiterOne raises 19M Series A to automate cyber asset management

Hack VC raises 200M fund to back earlystage crypto startups

Felt raised 45 million to get you to think in maps

Affinity a relationship intelligence company raises 80M to help close deals

Archive aims to put clothing brands in control of their secondhand sales

AutoLeap drives technology for car repair shops with new 18M capital infusion

Announcing the first tranche of Startup Battlefield judges

Every startup is a bankor wants to be

Spacetech growth the future of micromobility and how to solve the hell of open offices

Clockwise CEO Matt Martin: How we closed an 18M Series B during a pandemic

Marc Lores food delivery startup Wonder raises 350M at a 35B valuation

Alloy raises 4M to build out its ecommerce automation service

Now providing healthcare access to nearly 15 million kids Hazel Health raises 335 million

Bloomreach now valued at 22B continues to plant seeds of customer personalization

Sperm storage startups are raising millions

Verana Health aims to organize and analyze doctors clinical data sets whether patients like it or not