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KZen raises 4 million to bring sanity to crypto wallets

Hear from the executives of Innoviz and Oryx Vision about the eyes and ears of the new automobile in Tel Aviv

SeeTree raises 115M to help farmers manage their orchards

Mobileye takes aim at Waymo

Luminaries from across Israels tech ecosystem are joining us onstage in Tel Aviv

Solvo raises 3M seed round to automatically manage cloud infrastructure permissions

Ran Krauss and Yariv Bash leaders at two of Israels hottest drone startups are joining us in Tel Aviv

Dig emerges from stealth to help organizations secure their data in public clouds

Valence raises 7M to secure the business application mesh

PanEuropean VC fund Target Global is opening an office in Barcelona

Hub Security raises 5M Series A for its cryptography platform

Three days left to save on tickets to TechCrunch Tel Aviv

EasySend raises 555M for a nocode platform to build online interactions with customers

RunAI raises 13M for its distributed machine learning platform

Starburst acquires data lake analytics accelerator Varada to challenge Snowflake

Three days left to buy TC Tel Aviv tickets

Helios wants to tame the microservices development chaos

Taxify is entering the escooter game

Red Hat acquires hybrid cloud data management service NooBaa

Chemi Peres of Pitango VC joins us at TechCrunch Tel Aviv June 7

Ariella Grinberg from General Motors joins un in Tel Aviv

EquityBee snaps up 55M for a marketplace that connects employees with capital to help them exercise their stock options

Mentio wants to help your team make decisions

Classiq raises additional funding for its quantum algorithm design tools

Salto raises 27M to let you configure your SaaS platforms with code

Israels maturing cybersecurity startup ecosystem

Quantum Machines announces QUA its universal language for quantum computing

Buildsecurity raises 6M for its authorization policy management platform

83North closes 300M fifth fund focused on Europe Israel

Israeli startups: Grab your exhibit table in Startup Alley at TC Tel Aviv

Cybereason raises 200 million for its enterprise security platform

Pick up some moving insights into the future of mobility with Gett chief executive Dave Waiser in Tel Aviv

Prices increase tomorrow for TC Tel Aviv

Buildots raises 16M to bring computer vision to construction management

Adaptive Shield raises 4M for its SaaS security platform

Sign up for Startup Alley in Tel Aviv

Fraud protection startup nSure AI raises 68M in seed funding

Hailo challenges Intel and Google with its new AI modules for edge devices

Frontegg raises 25M for its user management platform

Noname Security closes 60M Series B to eliminate API flaws

Materials Zone raises 6M for its materials discovery platform

Rezonate raises 87M and launches its cloud identity protection platform out of stealth

MultiVu raises 7M seed round for its nextgen 3D sensor

Deepdub raises 20M for AIpowered dubbing that uses actors original voices

Deci snaps up 21M for tech to build better AI models based on available data and compute power

Guesty books 170M to double down on property management tools for Airbnb and other rental platforms

Elementor raises 15M for its WordPress website builder

Eureka raises 8M for its data cloud security platform

Classiq raises 105M Series A round for its quantum software development platform

Two days left to buy tickets to TC Tel Aviv