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BHub secures 20M to become LatAm companies backoffice administrator

Intuition Robotics raises 36M for its empathetic digital companion

Snaplogic raises 72M more for its enterprise data integration platform

Truepic raises 8M to expose Deepfakes verify photos for Reddit

Visual workspace Whimsical closes first funding as it enters next phase of growth

Doola raises 3M to help global founders launch an LLC in the US

Copper Banking adds 9M in funding as digital banks clamor for teen customers

Visualping raises 6M to make its website change monitoring service smarter

Labelbox raises 10 million for its services to support machine learning applications

Level AI lands 13M Series A to build conversational intelligence for customer service

Brazils Olist gets its horn with new 186M funding round

ClimaCell raises 23M Series C for its weather intelligence platform

Castor a clinical trial process company raises 45M to create more humancentered research

Combining StitchFix and Instagram FlipFit ushers in the next phase of social retail

Lively raises 65M to bring its comfortable and inclusive lingerie to brickandmortar stores

Sounding Board raises cash as startups wake up to executive coaching

Myki raises 4M Series A to decentralize identity management for enterprises

Airbyte announces 26M Series A for open source data connector platform

Merge raises 15M Series A for its B2B integrations platform

Ownercom serves up 107M so that independent restaurants can get cooking

Centaurs centurions centipedes: the 100M ARR CLUB

Sarcos raises 40 million to bring its Guardian XO exoskeleton to market

Cycode raises 20M to secure DevOps pipelines

Zetwerk an 18monthold Indian B2B marketplace for manufacturing items raises 32M

Relyance AI scores 25M Series A to ensure privacy compliance at the code level

Bolt raises 709M at an 84B valuation to expand its transportation and food delivery super app

Lightrun raises 23M for its debugging and observability platform

StepZen snares 8M seed to build data integration API

Jinaai raises 30M for its for its neural search platform

Connected fitness startup Tonal raises another 110 million

Huntersai raises 54M for its autonomous threathunting solution

Chat gaming startup Knock Knock raises 2M

Unique closes 6M seed for its AIdriven video calls platform aimed at sales teams

Bryter raises 16M for a nocode platform for nontechnical people to build enterprise automation apps

Autonomous cargo drone startup Elroy Air lands 40M Series A

Cadoo gets 15M to gamify fitness with betting challenges

Indias WareIQ raises 165M for its Amazonlike delivery platform for sellers

Breakr raises 42M to connect influencers with emerging musicians

Insurtech startup Spot brings in 175M equity debt to fill insurance gaps for accidental injuries

Vangst just raised 10 million to plug more people into the fastgrowing cannabis industry

Sugar raises 25M in seed funding to connect apartment residents

Fulcrum which provides freelance placement opportunities for technical projects raises 1 million

In a YC power play Gridware girds 53M to save humanity from weather

Diet autopilot Thistle raises 5M for health food subscriptions

Friday app a remote work tool raises 21 million led by Bessemer

Andreessenfunded dYdX plans short Ethereum token for haters

Embrace grabs a new funding round amid unveiling of new mobile data intelligence software

Xeal raises 11M to expand its digital token payment system for EV chargers

Nova Credit banks 50M to expand its service sourcing credit reports across borders

DispatchTrack a lastmile logistics platform raises 144M in its firstever funding