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US intelligence community says quantum computing and artificial intelligence pose an emerging threat to national security

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Amazon Web Services joins the blockchain party with managed blockchain service for Hyperledger Fabric or Ethereum

If you use Firefox you need to update it right now

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Aliro comes out of stealth with 27M to democratize quantum computing with developer tools

Seeqc raises 5M to help make quantum computing commercially viable

Why now is the time to get ready for quantum computing

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Microsoft partners with Case Western on quantum computing and Hololens tech that improves MRIs

Quantum Dots Technology Market Forecast by Regions Type Application Dynamics and Development Status and Outlook 20182025

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Why Microsoft IBM Google and Boeing are taking a giant leap into quantum computing

AntiCopying Technology for 3D Printing: A Survey

QCTRL raises 15M for software that reduces error and noise in quantum computing hardware

Nvidias limited China connections

Creative Destruction Lab launches a new startup program dedicated to COVID19 response

Googles quantum supremacy computing feat earns respect even from Microsoft

DWave sticks with its approach to quantum computing

Microsoft opensources its Quantum Development Kit calls on developers to help solve key challenges

Firefox will soon show users ads in new tabs

Meet top startups from Alchemist Class 17

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Tech Moves: DWave sets up shop in Seattle with new VP BuildDirect adds Amazon and Microsoft vets and more

Quantum Computing market is expected to reach USD 284 million by 2026

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Microsoft will opensource parts of Q the programming language behind its quantum computing strategy

Theres now proof that quantum computers can outperform classical machines

Rigetti launches the public beta of its Quantum Cloud Services

Global Quantum Computing Market Incredible Possibilities and Industry Growth 20182023

Japans NEC to invest 10M in DWave Systems as part of collaboration on hybrid quantum computing

Microsofts quantum computing platform is now in limited preview

125 million for Inscripta may usher in the next wave of genetic engineering

Honeywell says it will soon launch the worlds most powerful quantum computer

Quantum computing is coming to TC Sessions: Enterprise on Sept 5

3D Printed ColorChanging Material Holds Potential for Information Storage

Quantum Machines raises 175M for its quantum orchestration platform

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