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Nvidia breaks records in training and inference for realtime conversational AI

Reddit acquires contextualization company Spiketrap to boost its ads business

AI startup Sorcero secures 10M for language intelligence platform

H2Oai raises 100M at a 16B premoney valuation for tools to make AI usable by any kind of enterprise

ObserveAI raises 8M to use artificial intelligence to improve call centers

Where is suptech heading

Eigen nabs 37M to help banks and others parse huge documents using natural language and small data

Headroom which uses AI to supercharge videoconferencing raises 5M

Klarity lands 18M to read scores of documents so you dont have to

Hebbia raises 30M to launch an AIpowered document search tool

7 AI startups that stood out in YCs Summer 22 batch

Amplemarket nabs 12M to ramp up sales enablement using AI

Voximplants service to build voice and video comms into apps comes out of beta

Hypotenuse AI wants to take the strain out of copywriting for ecommerce

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Are lifelike digital humans the future of customer experience

Voicera lands 135 million with help from bigtime enterprise investors

AWS adds natural language search service for business intelligence from its data sets

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PayTalk promises to handle all sorts of payments with voice but the app has a long way to go

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Fresh out of Y Combinator Leena AI scores 2M seed round

Accern lands 20M for AI that analyzes financial documents on the web

AI is ready to take on a massive healthcare challenge

With more cash and a launch Vannevar Labs is reconnecting Silicon Valley to its defense industry roots

Mintlify taps AI to automatically generate documentation from code

Allen Institute spinout Lexion lands 42M to help companies manage legal contracts with AI

ServiceNow to acquire FriendlyData for its natural language search technology

Mentio wants to help your team make decisions

Battlefield winner Forethought adds tool to automate support ticket routing

Datasaur lets you build a model automatically from a set of labels

Krisp expands from noise canceling to ondevice transcription

Voice assistants dont work for kids: The problem with speech recognition in the classroom

Dialpad dials up 50M Series D led by Iconiq

The industrial data revolution: What founders got wrong

Tact 27M Series C attracts Amazon Microsoft and Salesforce

The cocktail party problem: Why voice tech isnt truly useful yet

Tact 27 M Series C attracts Amazon Microsoft and Salesforce

ThoughtRiver nabs 10M to speed up dealmaking with AI contract review

Conversational UX: The missing piece in your chatbot strategy

Perceptron: AI bias can arise from annotation instructions

Data scientists engineers: Up your game at iMerit ML DataOps Summit 2021

Lightspeed leads Laiyes 42M round to bet on Chinese enterprise IT

Google signs up Verizon for its AIpowered contact center services

Enterpret launches with 43M NLP technology to decipher customer feedback

JusticeText raises 22M to increase transparency in criminal evidencegathering

A look at some of the AI and ML expert speakers at the iMerit ML DataOps Summit

Ava sets the example for universal live captioning and raises 10M to keep building

WellSaid aims to make naturalsounding synthetic speech a credible alternative to real humans