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Superside nabs 30M to connect and manage freelance creatives working with inhouse marketing and design teams

K Funds Jaime Novoa discusses earlystage firms focus on Spanish startups

VCs bet 12M on Troops a Slackbot for sales teams

Glean aims to help employees surface info across sprawling enterprise systems

Hubtype raises 11M to help developers build richer chat support

Spanish scaleups club together to shift the tech policy agenda

K Fund has another 70M to back earlystage Spanish startups and is launching a preseed program

Five to Nine raises 45M seed round to help improve the efficiency of DEI initiatives

Daily grabs another 40M so developers can add video audio features to any product

CTOais developer shortcuts eliminate coding busywork

Electric gets another 7 million in funding from 01 Advisors and the Slack Fund

LocalGlobe partner Julia Hawkins discusses fem techs risks and rewards

This startup wants to help teams get more out of virtual meetings

Courier lands 35M to build a service for app notifications

Yac gets backed by Slack to bring the intimacy of voice back when remote coworkers interact

Tiger Global leads 44 million Series C funding in Udesk a Chinese customer service platform

Hightouch raises 21M to help businesses get more value from their data warehouses

Courier raises 101M Series A to help developers integrate multichannel notifications

Slack Fund Haystack and CRV invest 4 million in Parabol the metameeting software toolkit

Led by LAbased March Capital Astound raises 155 million for employee help desk automation services

Proving voicemail doesnt have to be wack the Slackbacked startup Yac raises 75 million

Spains Factorial raises 80M at a 530M valuation on the back of strong traction for its Workday for SMBs

Five to Nine raises 425M seed round to help improve the efficiency of DEI initiatives

For Them takes in preseed capital to launch wellness products targeting the queer community

LocalGlobe partner Julia Hawkins discusses femtechs risks and rewards