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Software companies give back ground after an impressive rebound

Goodyear Ventures Porsche Ventures invest in virtual sensing company Tactile Mobility

OpsRamp raises 375M for its hybrid IT operations platform

Tibet to become Chinas data gateway to South Asia

Seattle is the landlord of the internet thanks to Amazon and Microsofts cloud prowess

IBM Cloud suffers prolonged outage

Rigetti Computing took a 71 million down round because quantum computing is hard

Cloud infrastructure startup CloudNatix gets 45 million seed round led by DNX Ventures

Google Databricks Fivetran Redis and others launch the Data Cloud Alliance

Google Cloud launches its first Armbased VMs

Tyk raises 35M for its open source openended approach to enterprise API management

Google launches new certification courses for cloud developers and engineers

Surviving the SaaS tsunami: Optimize your tech stack to reduce risk and free up cash flow

Announcing the agenda for TC Sessions: Enterprise San Francisco September 5

SaaS stocks survive earnings keeping the market warm for software startups exits

As Cook and Pichai leave China Valley confronts rising internet tyranny in worlds second largest market

Coatue backs Kubecosts goal to supply data to millions of Kubernetes developers

Microsoft and ATT team up in multiyear cloud and 5G partnership

Adaptive Shield lands 30M Series A to build out its SaaS security platform

ARMO raises 30M to build an endtoend open source Kubernetes security platform

Roboflow raises 21M for its endtoend computer vision platform

Vendia raises 51M for its multicloud serverless platform

Daily Crunch: Discord and Spotify resuming service after widespread outage

Securityascode startup Jit comes out of stealth with 385M in seed funding

Amagi tunes into 100M for cloudbased video content creation monetization

Scaling CockroachDB in the red ocean of relational databases

Not to jinx it but SaaS valuations appear to be staging a recovery

How your company can adopt a usagebased business model like AWS

No code will define the next generation of software

SQream acquires nocode data platform Panoply

Former Amazon exec gives Chinese firms a tool to fight cyber threats

EU clears MicrosoftNuance without conditions

Swimai raises 11M to bring realtime analytics to the edge

Microsoft confirms its buying cybersecurity startup RiskIQ

Microsoftowned LinkedIn is moving to the public cloud and guess which platform its choosing

Cloud Computing Stack Layers Market Global Industry Analysis Segments Top Key Players Drivers and Trends by Forecast to 2023

HashiCorps IPO filing reveals a growing business but at a slower pace

Microsoft employees exposed internal passwords in security lapse

Global Cloud Computing Market In Education Sector To Grow At A CAGR Of 2613 During The Period 20172021 : Adobe Systems Blackboard Cisco Ellucian

Backblaze challenges AWS by making its cloud storage S3 compatible

Polyrize raises 4M for its nextgen authorization platform

An IPO In this economy

Big tech companies are looking at Hollywood as the next stage in their play for the cloud

Amazon is killing its Alexaconnected Cloud Cam will replace customers dead devices with a Blink Mini

Cloud Computing Revolutionizing Pharmaceutical Industry by Enabling Swift Data Transfer

African Leadership Group acquires coding school Holberton

QuikNode is building a blockchain developer cloud platform to compete with AWS

Contentful raises 335M for its headless CMS platform

Why Daimler moved its big data platform to the cloud

Incredibuild powers up with 35M to boost its distributed faster approach to games and software development