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Perceptron: AI that solves math problems translates 200 languages and draws kangaroos

Fraud prevention platform Sift raises 50M at over 1B valuation eyes acquisitions

Zingtree turns complex customer service processes into clear action plans

3D Printing News Unpeeled: HIRAM Golf Shoes and Style2Fab

Inovat modernizes tax reimbursement for streamlined international shopping

Designs dirty secrets and how to address experience bias

Vectorais productivity platform for freight forwarders raises 15M A round led by Bessemer

Materials Zone raises 6M for its materials discovery platform

Data intelligence company Collibra brings in another 250M to more than double its valuation

WestCap and Peter Thielbacked FLYR Labs closes 150M Series C

These leaders are coming to Robotics AI on March 3 Why arent you

Splunk nabs oncall management startup VictorOps for 120M

Hiro Capital puts 23M into team sports tracking platform PlayerData as does Sir Terry Leahy

Subak which incubates dataforclimate notforprofits announces six startups in 2022 cohort

Streamlit nabs 35M Series B to expand machine learning platform

Regulatory scrutiny is good for the future of software

Climate volatility helps AgTech platform Semios raise 100M round led by Morningside

Molly wants to use your online presence to create an automated knowledge base

SmartNews head of product on how the news discovery app wants to free readers from filter bubbles

Perceptron: Analyzing images in the blink of an eye and tracking the life cycle of snow

Electric Lawn Mover Market 2018 Leading edge technology with the very best in speed and reliability giving you the competitive edge

Splunk nabs oncall management startup VictorOps for 120 M

With a new 20 million in funding electronic stethoscope startup Eko wants to research your beating heart

New tweet generator mocks venture capitalists

UKs AI strategy is ambitious but needs funding to match says Facultys Marc Warner

Extra Crunch roundup: 2 VC surveys Teslas melt up The Roblox Gambit more

Senvol Receives Grant for Applying Data Analytics to 3D Printing Data

Marc Lorebacked conversational commerce startup Wizard raises 50M Series A from NEA

BluHaptics rebrands itself as Olis Robotics and acquires machine learning startup

DEEPFAKES Accountability Act would impose unenforceable rules but its a start

Motion wants to automate task planning using AI

Clockwise nabs 11M Series A to make your calendar smarter

Perceptron: Risky teleoperation Rocket League simulation and zoologist multiplication

Metas MakeAVideo AI achieves a new nightmarish state of the art

Difference Between Machine Learning And Deep Learning

4 ways to make your engineering team more productive

Arize lands 38M to grow its MLOps platform for the enterprise

Daily Crunch: PayPal Ventures leads 50M Series B for Egyptian fintech Paymob

YouTubes recommender AI still a horrorshow finds major crowdsourced study

Streamlit launches opensource machine learning application development framework

Google is killing off Allo its latest messaging app flop

Chronosphere raises 200M at a 1B valuation for cloudnative monitoring adds granular distributed tracing to its dashboard

Krisp snags 5M A round as demand grows for its voiceisolating algorithm

GeekWire Elevator Pitch Ep 4: CEOs using AI and machine learning make their case in 32 seconds

Machine learning on the blockchain: How Algorithmias DanKu experiment unfolded

FDAcleared AIbased medical triage tool goes free for customers to help busy radiology diagnostics departments

Meet the TrashBot: CleanRobotics is using machine learning to keep recycling from going to waste

Spotify hypes the revenue potential of podcasts and audiobooks at its second Investor Day event

Scenario lands 6M for its AI platform that generates game art assets

Pinpoint releases dashboard to bring visibility to software engineering operations