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Data is the name of the game as Intel Capital puts 60M in 15 startups 566M in 2017 overall

Rubikloud scores 37 million investment to bring intelligence to retail industry

ZeroFox acquires dark web threat intelligence company Vigilante

OtterTune which taps AI to optimize databases raises 12M

Portable Xray vision is one step closer to reality with OXOS Medical

Corporate venture investment climbs higher throughout 2018

Movable Ink which taps AI to personalize marketing content raises 55M

Lilt raises 55M to bolster its businessfocused AI translation platform

Chicago RPA startup Catalytic hauls in 30M Series B

Spectrum Labs raises 32M for AIbased content moderation that monitors billions of conversations daily for toxicity

A 23yearold B2B company has shown how keen India is for tech IPOs

Motivo raises 125M Series A to speed up chip design with AI

Nyansa lands 15 million led by Intel Capital to grow user performance management

Tetrate nets 125 million to bring microservices to the corporate masses

Moderne is building automated code remediation for complex code bases

Landing AI brings in 57M for its machine learning operations tools

Flyio wants to change the way companies deploy apps at the edge

EasySend raises 555M for a nocode platform to build online interactions with customers

Model9 gets 9M Series A to move data between mainframes and cloud

Grip Security raises 25M Series A for its SaaS security platform

Motivo raises 12M Series A to speed up chip design with AI

Intel has invested 132M in 11 startups this year on track for 300M500M in total

Joby Aviation raises 590 million led by Toyota to launch an electric air taxi service

Data governance startup Immuta lands 100M to pursue acquisitions

Volocopter raises 170M now valued at 187B to fuel first commercial launches of flying taxi fleet in 2024

MIT CSAIL grad launches machine learning platform with 10M Series A

Duality a security startup cofounded by the creator of homomorphic encryption raises 16M

Hear how MinIO built a unicorn in object storage on top of Kubernetes and open source

Disneybacked Inworld raises new cash for its AIpowered virtual characters

Astera Labs a fabless chip startup nabs 50M at a 950M valuation to remove bottlenecks in highbandwidth cloud applications

Anodot grabs 35M Series C to help monitor business operations

What should startup founders know before negotiating with corporate VCs

Mighty Networks raises 50M to build a creator economy for the masses

Duality nabs 30M for its privacyfocused data collaboration tools built using homomorphic encryption

Metal 3D printing company Fabric8Labs raises 19M

Volocopter raises 170M now valued at 187B to fuel the first commercial launches of its flying taxi fleet in 2024

SQream acquires nocode data platform Panoply

Pelotons new automated vehicle system gives one driver control of two trucks

Korean conglomerate SK leads 600M round for Chinese chipmaker Horizon Robotics

Pixeom raises 15M for its softwaredefined edge computing platform

Report: Selfdriving car startup Aurora is raising capital at a 2B valuation

Volocopter raises 170M now valued at 187B to fuel the first commercial launches of its flying taxi fleet

Intel Capital pumps 72M into AI IoT cloud and silicon startups 115M invested so far in 2018

Porsche invests in low visibility sensor startup TriEye

National Grid unveils 250M corporate venture capital arm