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Shareholders ACLU urge Amazon to stop selling facial recognition software to police ahead of event at tech giants HQ

Decrypted: The tech police use against the public

Microsoft calls on companies to adopt a facial recognition code of conduct

New 3D Printed Mask is Even Better at Fooling iPhone Xs Face ID

Portland lawmakers pass privacy resolution to guide policies for facial recognition other data use

Passbase is building a fullstack identity engine with privacy baked in

Facebook face recognition error looks awkward ahead of GDPR

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Unregulated facial recognition technology presents unique risks for the LGBTQ community

Where Microsoft draws the line on selling facial recognition tech to government agencies

Truefaceai integrates with IFTTT as the latest testcase of its facial recognition tech

Amazon partners with AXS to install Amazon One palm readers at entertainment venues

China Roundup: facial recognition lawsuit and cashless payments for foreigners

Facial recognition startup Kairos founder continues to fight attempted takeover

This startup reworked its privacyfriendly sensors to help battle COVID19

Elizabeth Warren bites back at Zuckerbergs leaked threat to KO the government

Chinas draft measures demand individual consent for facial recognition use

Daily Crunch: Hackers leak names personal details of donors to Freedom Convoy protest

Rana el Kaliouby and Alexei Efros will be speaking at TC Sessions: Robotics AI April 18 at UC Berkeley

EUs data protection adviser latest to call for ban on tracking ads

Cities must plan ahead for innovation without leaving people behind

Amazon shareholders reject facial recognition sale ban to governments

Maines facial recognition law shows bipartisan support for protecting privacy

Think fast this system watches you answer questions to make sure youre human

Microsoft President Brad Smith calls for AI regulation at Davos

Documents reveal Microsoft pitched facial recognition tech to drug enforcement feds

Rana el Kaliouby and Alexei Efroswill be speaking at TC Sessions: Robotics AI April 18 at UC Berkeley

AOC vs Amazon: Alexandria OcasioCortez warns of bias in tech giants facial detection tech

Microsofts facial recognition just got better at identifying people with dark skin

Companies tracking mutations in cancer cells can provide a key to unlocking better therapies

Kairos founder countersues his own company for 10 million

China can apparently now identify citizens based on the way they walk

RealNetworks releases its first hardware product a kiosk that checks for proper facemask usage

RD Roundup: Smart chips dream logic and crowdsourcing space

Just like IRL the metaverse requires infrastructure We dont have it yet

ACLU calls for a moratorium on government use of facial recognition technologies

Daily Crunch: Stocks plummet after travel ban

Big tech must not reframe digital ethics in its image

Facebooks dark ads problem is systemic

Surprise delivery: Amazon HQ receives 150k signatures urging company to stop selling facial recognition software to cops

Amazon bans police use of facial recognition software for one year amid protests

Yes Americans can optout of airport facial recognition Heres how

Civil rights activists up in arms over Amazon update adding fear detection to facial recognition tech

Portland unveils draft ordinance that bans government use of facial recognition tech

Flaws in Amadeus airline booking system made it easy to change passenger records

Police body camera maker Axon bans facial recognition tech over serious concerns about bias

Week in Review: Netflixs big problem and Apples thinnest product yet

Lawsuits allege Microsoft Amazon and Google violated Illinois facial recognition privacy law

CBP does not make it clear Americans can opt out of airport face scanning watchdog says

Microsoft promises not to sell facial recognition tech to police before Congress passes regulations