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Pixie Labs raises 915M Series A round for its Kubernetes observability platform

Heres how startups can prevent tech debt from piling up

Benchlings software for managing biotech research nabs 345 million

Chainguard lands 5M to help companies secure their software supply chains

From bootstrapped to a 21B valuation ReCharge raises 227M for subscription management platform

ARMO raises 30M to build an endtoend open source Kubernetes security platform

Chilean fintech Xepelin secures 230M in debt and equity from Kaszek highprofile angels

Merico raises 41M for its developer analytics platform

Iterative raises 20M for its MLOps platform

Mirantis acquires Lens an IDE for Kubernetes

Grid AI raises 186M Series A to help AI researchers and engineers bring their models to production

JupiterOne raises 19M Series A to automate cyber asset management

4 basic elements required for running production OSS smoothly

Fresha a business platform for salons spas and beauty and wellness pros extends Series C by 525M at a 640M valuation

Brave launches version 10 of its privacyfocused browser

Microsoft acquires Citus Data

Richtext editing platform Tiny raises 4M launches file management service

Codenotary raises 125M Series B to secure software supply chains

Tainted cryptomining containers pulled from Docker Hub

The future of remote work is text